The Second Letter (Epistle) #mcl 2 Poem by Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe

The Second Letter (Epistle) #mcl 2

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Well, I do not exactly know what name to call you by

'Cause some call you El-Shaddai
Some call you The Almighty
Some call you The Alpha and The Omega
The Heavenly Father; the Omnipotent Creator
The Maker of all things down below, up on top and high above

And yet still some call you The I Am
The Good Loving Lord
The Guy that knoweth what I would be
Why and how I would be
Not forgetting when I would be

The Guy that twice parted the sea
And once flooded the entire globe
For a hundred plus days-
The Guy that said Let there be!
And there was me -

I am searching for truth;
Trying to find proof
Of all that goes on in and around my life
Most times asking What if? -
How would it have been
If I had been born elsewhere?

Maybe I would have been living in some other lair
With much room to spare
Or worse like living in despair

But here I am and here I hear
Things that come hither
to my ear
That you bear everybody's strife
If they come to you-
Confess and repent of their evil ways-
They shall survive
And I hear you keep me alive;

I hear that you know me well
That you know all the struggles I go through
I hear that you
Have seen my future and my past, too
That you
Know all the hidden things I do -

So that means
That time I thought to rape that child you knew
And the things I stole
The lies I told
The lust I held on to
That too
Is not hidden from you

Wow! I don't think that I can protest now

Maybe I should ask Who are you?
Or rather Who am I to you?

For I hear that you are greater
Than I am clever
You are the life sustainer
You can change the complainer
And too the doubter

I hear that you are the spiritual eye opener
Faith deepener
Heart softener
Way straightener
And word sharpener

I hear that
Honour, worship and glory
Are yours and yours only
I also hear
That you said;
Those who have ears,
let them hear;
Those who have eyes,
let them see

And anyone that asks you in truth shall be given
For he has been righteously driven
And you always listen...

There is so much
I can ask of you
But for now, God, I am asking this of you
Show me the I should live
Show me the truth that you give
Do not forsake me
And leave me in the hands of the evil one -
I believe in you

So I give myself to you
And I believe that you
Will never me down

So guide me, lead me...

Truthfully Yours,

© Smiley NTK Thefir5t,16.03.2015

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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Darwin Henry Beuning 07 August 2019

Kondwelani, Very nice! ! The many challenges in Life. Trust in the LORD.. I have added to My Poem List. Rate a 10! ! !

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Jazib Kamalvi 29 March 2018

A nice poetic imagination, Kondwelani. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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