poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Higher Standard

Who is it that dares,
To hold others at a higher standard.
Than those they hold themselves.
In a World where daggers are cloaked.
And folks practice over rehearsed smiles.
Seeking to defile and stain decent reputations.
While many defame relationships.
Hoping to gain for themselves,
Any benefit from a doing of this.

And on this list,
Of wholesomeness.
Should racists be placed on it.
Those who are 'divisionaries'.
Proving themselves hypocrites.
On missions they can not seem to quit.
Yet proclaiming to have visions,
In the most sacred of places.
Testifying of being saved.
From ongoing sins they create.
And on a daily basis to instigate.

Do politicians qualify,
This higher standard to identify.
After discovering they lie,
More reliable than flies...
Riding the backsides of annoyed horses.

Even questionable today are ministers and priests.
Administering tearjerking sermons.
Preached from scriptures.
Until everyone listening begins to weep.
While deceiving to leave flocks of followers,
Surprised and shocked...
In total disbelief,
How disciples of God...
Can betray in such filthy sleazy ways.

Who is it that is left.
With unedited film footage,
That can convince they are above reproach.
With a doing that has been seen,
That screams a life lived at a higher standard.
And evidence that proves,
Not only can they walk on water.
But also can turn that water into wine.
Then dine with others,
Glowing with a halo on top of their head.
Done to have been crucified.
Then later to have risen from the dead.

Who is it that dares,
To hold others at a higher standard.
Than they hold themselves.
To show this.
Without a word heard from them,
Needing to hear it or witness it said.
Could this planet traveler be.

Topic(s) of this poem: commentary

Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Poem Edited: Thursday, December 6, 2018

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