Blind Faith Poem by cecil hickman

Blind Faith

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Within this eclipse of darkness, we overcome.
Our minds clouded in in a circumference of ideas.
Below us is the fiery temptation we all scantily avoid.
Our seas of life seem to be in a fury that we dispose.
Swirling waters around our souls waiting patiently,
Captivate dark colors that parade in the universe.
Invading us is the lava of love, the waves of ecstasy.
Rolling to the inner cells of our probable blind faith,
Though this eclipse seems to be endless in design,
Truly only moments of this, tribulation is its existence.
Tomorrow shall bring sunshine, peace, glory, to all.
Some say, blind faith, is without true understanding.
Faith and religious quests will break out blind faith.

Melvina Germain 24 August 2007

A most beautiful poem Cecil, in this life we must have blind faith. We know God is there though we can not see him, We know he is the creator of all, we did not see him create all, but we have faith and do not question him, Excellent poem Cecil.--Melvina--

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Sandra Fowler 07 May 2007

A poem of great wisdom and beauty. Write on, Cecil. Warm regards, Sandra

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Rajaram Ramachandran 03 May 2007

In certain things we should have blind faith. To the son, Mother says he is your father and then the son has to believe it blindly. He cannot question his mother whether really he is the father. Likewise, we cannot question whether God exists or not, since we haven't seen Him. We should simply believe that He exists, as without Him even an atom cannot move.

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Goldy Locks 27 April 2007

Each line is so composed. Excellent, dramatic. straight-forward. Tell it, sing it. sjg

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