Hold On To Me Poem by Rohit Sharma

Hold On To Me

Rating: 2.7

One day we made a promise to each other,
A promise to always stay together...
Now is the time to fulfil it true
Hold on to me, I'll always be with you....

Love cannot always be a smooth ride
We always have to be at each other's side...
This is the time when we can prove our love
Fight difficulties, face odds and rise above....

I know the time is tough, parents don't agree
Forcing us, fights, pressures on you and me...
I believe in our love and I'll make them believe
Will make them understand, so just hold on to me....

Baby, just recall the moments we have spent together
Moments of love, care with total surrender...
A pledge to live together and die together
Hold on to our love, we're made for each other....

I'll try my best to make parents understand
To change their minds, to change their stand...
Don't want to hurt them, I wish they agree
If everything fails, I'll take you along with me....

I need you to support me, like you always do
It will give me strength to face this time through...
We can bail this out, that's how I see
Good days will return, just Hold on to me! ! !

Aastha Uppal 06 July 2010

reflecting the present scenario.. when things go against the tide.. our wishes are not fulfilled and though we can fulfill them but we don't wanna hurt our parents.. so its a midway path where we hang.. nicely expressed.. also asking for the lover to always be by ur side through all odds.. but i guess these things in true love are well understood if untold... good write

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Marieta Maglas 06 July 2010

keeping those feelings of love under control in our soul. that is the key that i see in this beautiful write of tenderness, love, and delight.

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A tender hearted poem. Love the vital key to hold on to! Lovely poem indeed! ; D

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Emma Adamyan 06 July 2010

She will do it for u. at least coz u believe it that much. and a true believer is a blessed one! Happy birthday one more time. Wish u together again, best present!

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Unwritten Soul 07 July 2010

It is red and blue..different but true... Rohit you hit me one more time! ..'sorry britney i borrow your line' hahahaha...as usual it is very well written... Sometimes parent can't be agreed with our own decision but hurt them is wrong too... That why this poem is so special, u still in love but at same time respect your parents, that is a good role for any young teen here...: D well done, nice and so original, but how did u can write a poem like this in your birthday? i thought u will bring some other theme...: D

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Indira Babbellapati 17 July 2010

hmmm...that's a poetic assurance!

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Preetam Shetty 16 July 2010

Trust me I am not flattering you.....but I salute you for your work.......wondrous way you have expressed love

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Stefanie Fontker 13 July 2010

Love is a battle, one you have fought well and will continue to fight. Bravo, another gold medal.

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Mega Sim 13 July 2010

There is a lot of power in a hug and a lot of heart felt emotion in this poem. I can feel the warmth and conviction in a hug so strong that it will never let go. Keep holding on...and keep writing your beautiful poems.

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Joseph Poewhit 12 July 2010

It only takes two to dance

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Amritsar, India
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