I Am........ Becoming Yours....... Poem by Rohit Sharma

I Am........ Becoming Yours.......

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I AM...... BECOMING YOURS............

Ever Since I've heard those three words from you,
Magical Words, when you said - 'I love You'...
Something changed in me, Feel feelings so new,
May be I am becoming Yours, may be I am in love with You....

The world just froze for me, when you came close
In a gorgeous red gown and gave me a red rose...
You then said that you love me from all your heart,
Asked me if I can be yours, can we make a start....

Ever since my heart heard those three words from you,
Heavenly Words, when you said - 'I love You'...
I am just dreaming about your beatiful eyes so true,
May be I am becoming Yours, may be I am in love with You....

Look at me and see what you have done to me
I think of you all day, you are making me believe...
See you standing everywhere, with your arms open for me
I ask my reflection in the mirror, am I the guy I used to be....

Ever Since I've heard those three words from you,
Voice so mesmerising with words 'I love You'...
I see your lips when you say, wish to kiss you true
Coz, baby, Long ago I became Yours, Yes I am in love with You....

Marieta Maglas 09 July 2010

Wonderful lyric poem, Rohit, your feelings of love are very well expressed here, thank you for sharing...

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Gan Chennai 10 July 2010

Many Love starts even as 'I Hate You' and ends up 'I Love You' Both have Three words only. Luckily your journey is 'I Love You' all along.

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Aastha Uppal 10 July 2010

beauty within everything around... this work beautifully emotes what one goes through when his lover says the words which every one waits to hear... total submissiveness.. when everything around feels special.. and how we just flow through the gusty love wind. beautifully potrayed and great use of imagery...

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Chhavi Anupam 10 July 2010

Its cute! Chhavi Anupam

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Awesome! You have a natural talent in writing love poems. This one is so sweet and precious! WEll penned! ; D

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Marieta Maglas 21 July 2010

A lovely flowing write..life lesson through words and actions!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 19 July 2010

The saying is 'you never forget first love'.

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Indira Babbellapati 17 July 2010

the two poems i now read have similar rhythm and flow...good to read!

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Stefanie Fontker 13 July 2010

You are a passionate person, with passionate words to share. Do not change.

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Anita Trivedi 12 July 2010

Hey it just took away my heart......... Its really very very beautifull......... Any girl will fall in love with this poem........ Really gerat job........ God bless

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Amritsar, India
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