Homeland Security Manifests Orphans Poem by Paul Amrod

Homeland Security Manifests Orphans

"Rinaldo I have some wonderful news for you my treasure! "
"We will have in nine months a new member to our family! "
Rinaldo reacted with a glorious smile on his glowing face
"Our life is complete as we become one". "What a pleasure"!
Maria says "I want to move to USA and leave this rat race"
Yes Rinaldo said "to relief us from this trouble and agony"
"I want to live in America the land of democracy and opportunity"
In a couple of years they saved every peso and set forth
packing their few belongings hoping for justice and charity.
They travelled with their compass always pointing to the north
searching for compassion and asking Jesus for his Grace.
Meanwhile in a haphazard moment there fell a decision.
In 2017 there was an atmosphere of fear and great disparity.
An act was passed to separate parents from their children henceforth
foreigners arriving to the land of diversity would be horridly debased.
Only white supremacy was heralded without a smidgeon of contrition
preparing an era of fascistic deliriums and atrocious calamities.
A hair-raising phenomenon came to be of eerie nightmarish proportions
scaring even the boldest amongst us which was not to be erased.
In the aftermath of this incredible cruelty and timid distortion
we have learned that 545 children with their parents will not be united.
This administrative bungle has resulted in a crime against humanity
destroying the young lives of many innocent urchins in cages.
The wailing to the heavens has now begun reaching the Pearly Gates
alerting the archangels as they weep for this ignorance and apathy.
The basic acceptance of decency has not been written down by sages
for the self-awareness of such primitive behaviour won't dissipate.
One can only scandalize to the point of numbness to outrage
the general public with such diabolical actions devoid of empathy.
Our Homeland Security under Sessions did devilishly participate
in the manifesting of orphans with their preposterous treacherous stupidity.
Ringing the apocalyptic bells to warn that dastardly pimps will disengage
normalcy to reenact the methods of the Dark Ages as we are gas-lighted.
We must drag these futile executives into justice's halls and page
the cherubim to heal the tortured souls of these victims of rancidity.
The unfortunate results of an inhumane tactic test our will to forgive and efface.
Nonetheless the negligence and obvious purpose of detriment invited
many evil-doers to true confessions of malintent which we cannot embrace.
Forever our collective will be remembered of this unimaginable travesty
as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming to maybe assuage
these children but their parents' loss is irreplaceable and will remain a tragedy.

Monday, October 26, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: families,tragedy
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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