Hope And Faith In Finding True Love Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Hope And Faith In Finding True Love

Thinking about you fringe me
My life is no greater misty
I admire you night and day
A solid chain that nobody can ever hold us away
I crush every little thing about you, sweetheart
Whereas nobody pretends to be concerned
You panoply me that you are further than doting
At the same time, all desolate me
You will be there to splash me
That you are forever be there for me
For you, I vow to stand by you
You dignify every single colloquy of worship
And at all times, I will declare my devotion to you
You are the one who clench my heart's vital,
And you know that we are meant to be.
You make me feel joyous, satisfied, different and exceptional
When you snort and smile
My heart lopes a beat
You are my power, you are all that
And you are always in my compassion and my intuition
When we are aside, I mishap you so much,
I pledge you, baby, I'll always be natural.
To become your inspiration and have posterity of our own
The day you become my tranquility
And I become relief in my entire life will be the happiest dawn to the dark days of my all life
We must peek just around the corner with a daydream
For the perfect odyssey, we are obliged ever take
We are brought together by Kismet
And I perceive that you are my pure kindred soul
And I'll yell it oh so loud

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: The poem was written on Thursday,7th September 2023. This poem captures love as an emotion that makes us feel so many things. It's the butterflies in our stomachs, our hearts beating fast in our chests and our palms sweating whenever that special someone is near. In true love, both partners recognize and value each other's individuality, opinions, and feelings. They listen without judgment and show consideration for each other's needs and wishes. Respect in true love means treating each other with kindness and honor, even in disagreements. True love fosters a connection that goes beyond the superficial. It's a bond that often involves understanding each other's core values, beliefs, and life goals. This connection creates a sense of companionship, where both partners feel they're on the same team, working towards shared dreams.
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