Houses Of Dreams Poem by Sara Teasdale

Houses Of Dreams

Rating: 3.1

You took my empty dreams
And filled them every one
With tenderness and nobleness,
April and the sun.

The old empty dreams
Where my thoughts would throng
Are far too full of happiness
To even hold a song.

Oh, the empty dreams were dim
And the empty dreams were wide,
They were sweet and shadowy houses
Where my thoughts could hide.

But you took my dreams away
And you made them all come true -
My thoughts have no place now to play,
And nothing now to do.

Monday, January 13, 2003
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams
Valentin Savin 08 January 2021

What a nice song full of love, happiness and dissatisfaction.

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Smoky Hoss 01 March 2015

Finding that what we want, is akin to losing what we wished for. The human heart longs to long.

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Kevin Patrick 31 December 2014

A beautiful and evocative work, the language is simple and but its meaning is multilayered. My interpretation of this is that its about a person who has found fulfillment in a relationship, but that long term happiness with another has resulted in a feeling of absentees, its always wonderful t dream of achieving something, a promotion, a reward a degree, but sometimes what happens is we forget the importance of the things we have, and when its no longer a dream, it just becomes an everyday thing. That's just my interpretation of this wonderful work

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Nishi Kumari 31 December 2014

nicely written...beautiful poem...

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Sara Teasdale

Sara Teasdale

Missouri / United States
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