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Born January 6th,1939 in Russia. Graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages in the city of Moscow in 1969. Interpreter in English and Spanish Languages.

Live in Moscow. Retired pensioner. From time to time I write my own poems mostly in Russian and translate some English and Spanish authors. I am a member of the Writers Union of Russia.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 15 October 2021

This poet is known for wonderful poetry!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

I know you from Poetfreak, right? THE POETFREAK peom site

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Kate 25 March 2021

I found translation of The Winter's angry with the reason Fyodor Tyutchev. I guess it is yours. Cool translation! ??

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Valentin Savin 30 March 2021

Thank you very much, dear Kate.

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Valentin Savin 01 December 2014

Visitors and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance. Truly Yours, Valentin Savin

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Valentin Savin 01 December 2014

I extend my thanks to PoemHunter for tis page with my e-book and sincerely hope to find here my possible readers and editors. Yours truly, Valentin Savn

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The Best Poem Of valentin savin

Alone With Myself

Alone with myself
Today I've looked at myself,
And seen that I'm someone else.
A shrunken and wrinkled ELF
Taken from the darkest shelf.
The better half of my life's gone
I stay between twilight and dawn.
All seems gone and nothing left,
I'm a loser, my Sun bereft.
Alone in my gloomy room,
I'm waiting for the day of doom.
I'm hearing nothing, but silence,
I can't tolerate the defiance.
With a sorrow in my breast
I hope all ends for the best.

Let others fight and fuss
There's nothing left to discuss.
My earthly life quickly burns down.
The last day and the last candle,
All's gone and no way to handle.
What a dark night - still and void.
All illusions and hopes destroyed.
I beg to forgive me and forget.
Someone took my arm: "Not yet! ".

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