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Beauty, I ponder who are you?
Are you the drops of the rain which relieves the thirst of the earth?
Are you the sunshine spreading diamonds in the rivers apart?
Are you the rainbow reciting the rhythm of happiness in the sky?

The sweetest relation which stays forever like the constant shining sun,
The melodious music whose rhythm matches exactly the beats of the heart,
The unspoken words which echoes in the emptiness of every mind,
I call it a bestowing bliss; I call it FRIENDSHIP

You stay a miles away but I feel you are so near
Like those of the twinkling stars wishing good night
in my ears
You walk down the stairs in a secret silence

Like a raindrop crosses the crossword of air
Humiliated by the pollutants and poisonous wear
It still splits its magical mesmerizing beauty of which you are well aware
You have a milestone to travel my dear!

Adorned he the wooden hovel with white orchids
and roses
As they were the favorite of his princess he awaited
Candles lit around at every crimson corner, their

The negative emotion so wildly strong
Turns you into ashes without a spark
Divides your heart into broken chambers
All of them filled with anguish and ire

I was the unfolded mystery of unknown words
You came and assigned the meaning to it
I was a stranger wandering around so lonely
You came and made me acquainted to myself

She saw him first working at the stairs
He looked like an angel from the sky above
In wrinkled clothes with deep blue eyes
She stood like a statue staring him even when he was gone

Beauty is to behold the dreams in your eyes turning into a vitality
Happiness is to hear your fantasies taking shape through your eyes
Aliveness is traveling around the world barefoot listening to your stories
Joy is gazing at your face and reading the adorable expressions it makes

The world around me is so numb and quiet
I feel like a caged bird broken inside
The night is the darkest and there is no hope
My breaths are frozen and going down slow

Separated from my soul like a tortured bird
I sing this melancholic melody of my heart
It cries and weeps in the memory of you
Like the thirsty meadows for a quench of rain

All alone the weary heart weeps in the corner of the courtyard
Misses the mesmerizing moments which have left now the tears of torment
The love was a lie or perhaps a never realized mystery
The days of happiness and hues have become the rotten pages of history

I reside in a lonely courtyard from where life
seems to be the most beautiful bliss I once had
There were the rainbows of hopes struggling hard
to survive

Holding the umbrella beneath the clear sky
Stands a middle aged man alone there at the
People come and mock at him and leave

I dream a world where with every sunrise a new ray of reunion unites the souls
I dream a world where every morrow the dew drops write another wonderful story on the wet leaves
I dream a world where the warriors put their weapons down and wish to end the war in tranquility
I dream a world where the firmament showers love and blessings ending fury on earth

It is the sweetness which sheds off the shadows of severe anguishes
It is the mysterious melody mesmerizing the million minds like meditation
It is the ointment which heals every injury
Its none other but FORGIVENESS


She shelters with love in her womb for a continuous nine
Like a beautiful bliss to bloom so dear so divine
She carries the pain with a cheerful smile on her face
She is a mother, an incomparable grace!

Waving you goodbyes was from where it started
You and I were just passing by
Realized you were the same person I chatted on social network
Oh! I guess it was the month of July.

They say they are always there like the
parallel edges of a river walking with you
But when the time comes the parallel edges
broaden and go away

Holding the candle she walked straight
all alone in the deadly dark
Her nerves roared with the tremulous fear
she was going through

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Beauty, I ponder who are you?
Are you the drops of the rain which relieves the thirst of the earth?
Are you the sunshine spreading diamonds in the rivers apart?
Are you the rainbow reciting the rhythm of happiness in the sky?
Are you the stars brightening the night like pearls scattered so high?
Are you the melody in the chirruping birds at the break of the day?
Are you the tears of the bride hidden within her reddish veil?
Are you the vermilion adorning a woman's head?
Are you the never ending hope in the lover's heart?
Are you the sorrow of separation or the merry of unison?
Are you the celebration of triumph or the building strength in failure?
Are you the fear of a bloodcurdling nightmare or the decoration of a morning dream?
Are you the wishes for the loved ones or the innocence of a child's imaginations?
An emotion, an expression, a scene or a shadow, beauty!
I ponder again who are you?
I yearn an answer which I may never know as you are so undefined.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 20 March 2018

Nishi is an amazing poetess of excellence of her own kind. I was thrilled and drawn attracted towards the beauty of her poems, the very moment I went through her tiny Biodata, which is more of a beautiful philosophical poem than a mere play of words. I wish her walk a long poetic path ahead and delight us with her light of wisdom and beauty of her heart. Subhas

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M Asim Nehal 30 January 2016

Nishi Kumari is a poetess to reckon with, her poems are delight to read, treasure to preserve and music to listen/read again and again, she writes with passion and I wish to see her in the TOP POETESS of this genre. May God enhance her writing poweress.........God Bless You.

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As the sunrise sprouts up a new day Let your heart speak of the wishes it yearns for

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