How To Be A Cat Poem by Hans Ostrom

How To Be A Cat

Rating: 5.0

Be the noble curator of your excellence, for
fate made you perfect. In all things, be precise:
standing, sitting, staring, walking, sniffing, eating,
sleeping, killing. Never look in mirrors,
which are windows for the insecure. Sleep
in a variety of comfortable places, which
were created for you alone. Make acquaintances,
never friends. The latter tend to cling.

All phenomena are potential enemies. Therefore,
stare, listen, listen, stare, sniff, stare, listen, sniff,
hide, stare, and listen. Never perform tricks. Leave
those to dogs, who need to be wanted and want
to be liked. Talk as necessary, but never just
to chit-chat. Crack the whip of feline fury as
you wish. Keep the blades of your four feet sharp
and retracted like long-held resentments. Let
your soul's motor idle and strum the taut cord
of your body. No one owns you.

God made you and likes you best. In a world
that's dubious, you are certain. You never
make mistakes. You are entitled to what
you want; otherwise, why would you want it?
No matter what else you may be undertaking,
never be reticent to stop and groom yourself,
for you are superb, and self-maintenance
doubles as self-admiration. You are a cat,
a form of beauty that enters stealthily,
naps, and agrees to be admired. You
are a cat. Everything is as it should be.

Hana K 29 May 2008

is it about wild cat? I feel like one when read it...

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Perdita Young 23 March 2018

Such vivid and exact depiction of an adorable cat... makes me thinking of my two cats Hsiao Dai and her son Little Bear. A favorite to keep for later reading.

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Diana Van Den Berg 12 February 2015

Oh, my goodness! The title wouldn't let me escape this. I chortled all the way through! This is magnificent! This fits the reputation of cats so beautifully! (Fortunately for me, all my cats, all my life haven't read your poem, lol, and His/Her Regal Elegance of your poem would be very disdainful of all my cats' atrocious display of affection for me, lol!)

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Viola Grey 30 May 2008

I am more than positive my cat would agree with all of I do...

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Marvin Brato 29 May 2008

Cat maybe perfect in most aspects as described.... but man is still imperfectly most preferred, for what is beauty without conscience that only humans have? A 10.

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Hana K 29 May 2008

is it about wild cat? I feel like one when read it...

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