How To Be Prosperous Poem by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

How To Be Prosperous

Rating: 5.0

Wearing your beautiful veils of vapor and haze,
Restless, agitate, hyperactive wandering lass,
Hope of reaching the groom, the sun, stagger,
The villain gravity keeps you close to the earth,
Angry maidens grouped tighter to moan,
Their crying dropp down as the elixir to the seeds,
The Mother Earth is not cruel to punish the vapor,
For it evaporates, believing the Sun as the suitor,
What belongs to Mother Earth must return to her,
Sucking those drops of rain to keep safer,
The battle for existence severe than ever,
Where the pain is felt, those places prosper,
Where people strive harder and smarter,
There, the country blooms bounty and fresher.


I would never had put it any better, efforts need perfomance and perfomance leads to expectations being met, i adore the 7th line, Mother nature shall never punish us indeed, great write The_African_Son (Th³_ªfR¹cª¬_šºN)

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Captain Cur 03 July 2012

Yes strive harder and smarter. That is what it takes to prosper. Insightful poem. Good use of metaphors.

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Hans Vr 03 July 2012

Yes, Veera, too many of us want to prosper without effort. Laziness does not pay off Once we manage to enjoy our work, prosperity is near

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