How To Write A (Pretty)poem Poem by Bryan Norton

How To Write A (Pretty)poem

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When I was but a youngster
A poem was just a poem
A little rhyme for little people too
I learned a new perspective
When teacher sat me down
And taught me how to write like poets do

P is for the perfect poem, poets polish late
R is for the reader up at night
E is for the eloquence, others emulate
T is for the tact in how you write
T is for the trust you win, when you tell the truth
Y is for the yearnings of our youth

P is for the passion, properly employed
O is for the only one you love
E is for the ebullience, thoroughly enjoyed
M is for the magic moon above
S is for the silly side, someone spied in you

A is for the artful things you do
R is for the right to speak
E is effort too, and that is why a poem is...


Thursday, December 26, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Chinedu Dike 13 January 2020

Really an insightful creation elegantly crafted in persuasive expressions with artistic brilliance. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing, Bryan.

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Soran M. H 26 December 2019

thank you for this amazing tact and creativity form...10

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Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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