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Work and live in UK.

Enjoy reading and writing. Say what has to be said, and write what has to be written.

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22 December 2017

It's the breadth of life, not the length That measures the meaning of life 生命的宽度 而不是长度 才是对生命的测量

22 December 2017

The value of a life isn't counted by How many breaths taken but that taken away 生命的价值 不在于呼吸了多少口气 而在于有几口是荡气回肠

06 January 2018

One with money can be a beggar of spiritual needs One without a penny can be spiritually of blue blood God gives faith to everyone

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 December 2020

Yiyan is a wonderful Poet who.keeps the basic tenets of democracy alive. His poems are embedded with a meaningful message; a call to be more human.

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The Best Poem Of Yiyan Han

Thinker's Invisible Wings

Thoughts are thinker's invisible wings.
Anything but thought can be snatched away
Given up or forgotten,
'Cause it's what a thinker lives for

A thinker must think for the love
Of mankind without self-pity -
Marching on the front line in the war
Of civilization against barbarity,
Democracy against autocracy,
And searching for answers to the ends
Of heaven and earth, and life and death

A thinker must foresee spring in the dead of winter,
Cold snap in the warmth of sunny spring,
Dawn in the dead of night, darkness under the sun,
Civilization in the corner of barbarity,
And the ghost of dictators in a civilized society

A thinker's scenic viewpoint isn't on the top of Mount Tai
Where the sunrise and yellow earth are its beautiful scenes,
Nor is Alps where ocean and green forests in its surrounding.
A thinker has to stand on top of Chomolungma
To watch various civilizations of mankind

O thinker, I long for
Seeing your glittering wings
In the long dark night,
And riding on your invisible wings
To fly with you

By Yiyan Han(c)
(last modified: 2017-11-10)

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Yiyan Han Popularity

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