Hunting Civil War Relics At Nimblewill Creek Poem by James Dickey

Hunting Civil War Relics At Nimblewill Creek

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As he moves the mine detector
A few inches over the ground,
Making it vitally float
Among the ferns and weeds,
I come into this war
Slowly, with my one brother,
Watching his face grow deep
Between the earphones,
For I can tell
If we enter the buried battle
Of Nimblewill
Only by his expression.

Softly he wanders, parting
The grass with a dreaming hand.
No dead cry yet takes root
In his clapped ears
Or can be seen in his smile.
But underfoot I feel
The dead regroup,
The burst metals all in place,
The battle lines be drawn
Anew to include us
In Nimblewill,
And I carry the shovel and pick

More as if they were
Bright weapons that I bore.
A bird's cry breaks
In two, and into three parts.
We cross the creek; the cry
Shifts into another,
Nearer, bird, and is
Like the shout of a shadow—
Lived-with, appallingly close—
Or the soul, pronouncing
Three tones; your being changes.

We climb the bank;
A faint light glows
On my brother's mouth.
I listen, as two birds fight
For a single voice, but he
Must be hearing the grave,
In pieces, all singing
To his clamped head,
For he smiles as if
He rose from the dead within
Green Nimblewill
And stood in his grandson's shape.

No shot from the buried war
Shall kill me now,
For the dead have waited here
A hundred years to create
Only the look on the face
Of my one brother,
Who stands among them, offering
A metal dish
Afloat in the trembling weeds,
With a long-buried light on his lips
At Nimblewill
And the dead outsinging two birds.

I choke the handle
Of the pick, and fall to my knees
To dig wherever he points,
To bring up mess tin or bullet,
To go underground
Still singing, myself,
Without a sound,
Like a man who renounces war,
Or one who shall lift up the past,
Not breathing 'Father,'
At Nimblewill,
But saying, 'Fathers! Fathers!'

Kim Barney 19 September 2015

A fantastic poem. This one pulled me in from the start and kept me fascinated until the last word. I have become a Civil War buff in the last few years, since I have family living not too far from Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, and Antietam Battlefield. Thanks, Poem Hunter. This one was worthy to be chosen as poem of the day.

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David Wood 19 September 2015

A well written war poem.

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Savita Tyagi 19 September 2015

Wonderful poem. The flood of emotions while hunting for war relics depicted so well.The intensity heightened by bird cries. A superb read!

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Kinyua Karanja 19 September 2015

A War poem that explain situation in battle field, a soldier and his fated brother in search of landmines. like this.

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James Dickey

James Dickey

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