I Am A Traveller Poem by Mohammad Younus

I Am A Traveller

Rating: 5.0

I am a traveller from the times beginning
I started from the garden of paradise
Where my lord spoke to me from behind the veils
Live in my garden with Eve, beautiful feminine image
But do not go nigh to this tree
Two conflicting thoughts emerged in my mind
Should I love the beauty hidden or
Should I love the feminine beauty by my side
Two thoughts crisscrossed and I got stuck...
...in dilemma at the point of crossing,
And sorry I could not travel on the road of lord
And I chose to be a traveler with the shadow of lord,
So l was expelled from the shadowless garden
With Eve l came down in the world of shadows
I followed the shadows as far as I could
To where all the shadows disappeared
Now I dont look to the other, i am just a lover fair,
And have of course the better claim to return...
To the garden of my love and sit before him...
Under the blessed tree that was ere forbidden to me
My roaming in wilderness has now ended,
I have found my eternal home, I will not a step tread back
Oh, I am keeping my covenant to my lord
That I will serve none, I will love none, other than my lord
I doubted if ever I could come back to the garden of lord! ! !
I am telling this with a sigh of relief to you O travellers...
...that after ages and ages, I have found the eternal truth in me.



Deeply spiritual. Good read

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Very beautiful and spiritual..Thank you for sharing your poem!

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