I Am But A Mixed Race Child Poem by Ellen Shaw

I Am But A Mixed Race Child

Rating: 4.5

What do I know?
I am but a mixed race child
They say I must be confused
Mustn't know who
I am
They say I have wild ideas
Believing I can be black and white
At the same time
Never, they say can it be both day and night
They call me coconut
Say that my skin is the colour of Jamaica's mud
But inside I am white
That I think I am better than them
With all of my airs and graces

How can I be both?
When one half of me
Enslaved the other
They say I don't know my history
That my mother land
Covered my father land in tears
They say I am but a tool
A pawn to weaken the blood of the race
Weakened features to change to face
Of my people
I am just another way to oppress them
Fight against it, they say
Stay true to your roots

What do I know?
This mixed race child
I could teach many a thing or two
My heart beats a reggae rhythm
And my feet walk proudly on England's earth
Made from love despite
The past battles and fights
I see the best in both people
I feel pride for both countries
Because they combine in me
I am a complete person
I am not confused
I am not two halves that don't
Fit together
I am a mixed race child
And I know who I am

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: identity,race
Kayla Burke 04 January 2017

Your poem I Am But A Mixed Race Child Really moved me... I am a mixed child and have grown up being told to pick a side, yet I never actually knew what I was. I feel like if I could read this to my past self i would have been able to accept myself. I was wondering if you could email me @Kaylaburke4@aol.com. That you!

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Khairul Ahsan 26 August 2013

I am a complete person I am not confused I am not two halves that don't Fit together I am a mixed raced child And I know who I am An excellent poem with an emphatic message. Bravo for being so bold and straight!

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 17 December 2011

Wow! ! 'i see the best in both people, i feel the pride for both countries' great poem Ellen, well penned with clear message.i like it, it doesn't matter what people think of you, you know who Ellen Shaw is and their judgements means nothing to you coz they don't matter...you are a divine blessing that God blessed your parents with....your skin colour means nothing coz you're just a world citizen like everybody else...above all you're a child of the Almighty..keep it up..

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