I Am Not A Toy

Rating: 2.6

I am through playing pretend
welcome to the real world
I will no longer be your toy
for I am a real person
I am no ones toy
and never will be again
all you did
was push me and push me
over and over
to see when I would break
then you would push again
testing me
to see how much I can take
is that really what pleases you?
Watching me break
over and over
well I will no longer take
it for you have push me over the edge
too many times to count
and I have had enough
boy will you be shocked
for the next time you try to push me
I will stand my ground
for the truth is
you can no longer affect me
I am finally free of your evil and twisted games
you can no longer play with me
I am not a toy
I can see it now
you will try to push me
over and over
and I will not budge
oh boy will I laugh
just as you laughed
every time you watched me break
as if I was in no real harm
well I will stare right into your eyes
and you will no longer see pain in them
you will see laughter
for I will then watch you break
and then
only then will you learn
how it feels
maybe then you your twisted mind will stop

Barry Van Allen 06 June 2007

U.U., SOOOOOO ... what are you trying to say? OH! , come on ... just a little teeny tiny smile? :) Like July 4th in the states, we call that Independence day! B.V.A.

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