I Am Not Yet A Poet Poem by Hassan Abubakar Olamilekan

I Am Not Yet A Poet

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World of poetry is hard to live,
Pen is huge like a pillar to hold.
The ocean of ink is so wide to swim,
Creating imagery is a big task,
Walking on the road of poetry, not a child play.
Stand up at midnight, not for a lazy being.

I am not yet a poet

Sitting at the edge of window
Listening to the giggle of busy birds
Examine the body of innocent natures
Reading as if life depends on it
Painting everyday with pen like a painter
Inking sorrow in a laughing mood
Or pretending to smile while crying.
How do you want me to survive?

I am not yet a poet.

Been a poet is a great dream,
Bards are the doctor of feelings,
Nursing hearts with their parrot fingers,
Consoles with their harmless words,
Giving helping hand just like a broom.
But the big problem is...

I am not yet a poet.

Hassan Abubakar Olamilekan
Mystery PEN

Aufie Zophy 27 January 2023

I love this poem filled with humility. You put up some wondeful images there. I particularly like the ocean of ink. The nicest definition of poet, I read in RW Emerson's essay, titled, the poet

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 30 January 2023

None is poet on the earth though poetic expression makes him/her unique but everyone is poem if potic expression make is human; great to read; I'm inspired too

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Nosheen Irfan 29 January 2023

Great poem. I must say you are a poet! Kudos!

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Thank you so much ma

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Nabakishore Dash 28 January 2023

You are a perfect poet dear Hassan.

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I ma very grateful sir

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Richard Wlodarski 28 January 2023

Hassan, you are most definitely a poet. You've painted the nicely worded page with vivid imagery. And you've done it with humility. What more can the reader ask for? Great job, poet friend!

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Thank so much sir

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D.N. Rebb 28 January 2023

I hate to disagree, but you're a good poet.

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Thank you so much sir

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