I Believe. Poem by Charles M Moore

I Believe.

Rating: 5.0

I believe that Angels
guide you on your way
and I believe that Fairies
come out at night to play
I believe that Heaven
will provide my final rest
and I believe that everybody
has an equal worth.

I believe that Unicorns
still roam in far off lands
and I believe that Gremlins
try to spoil what they can
that Dragons live in mountain tops
and Mermaids swim the sea
just a list of things I wish
and things that I believe.

Esther Leclerc 23 March 2007

Such beliefs and wishes give life that extra glow. A sweet, dreamy write, Charlie! Esther : ]

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Patricia Gale 23 March 2007

An enchanting piece Charlie, we must all believe or grow old with no dreams.Well penned.

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R H 23 March 2007

It's always good to believe Charles, whether it be in fairies, dragons, hope, love....an enchanting poem. Justine

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Scarlett Treat 23 March 2007

Charlie, this is such a lovely dream-thought-statement of belief...it is soft, gentle, yet seems to encourage others to 'believe' right along with you. I'll just bet that there are many more things you believe in, aren't there? ? ? Like Love, maybe?

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Charles M Moore

Charles M Moore

Glasgow Scotland.
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