## I Chose To Be 'Me' Poem by POOJA LADYLUCK

## I Chose To Be 'Me'

Rating: 4.9

In this wide world, where everyone is wise
Infinite numbers of faces and twice as much the eyes
Looking at me with lots of expectations
I roll my eyes examining each character with precision
Who should I be? Whose steps may I follow?
May be like the man sitting alone, feeling hollow
Or the lady, whose smile will last till eternity
Or the guy, whose trace is lost in the city
Can it be the girl with her zeal to make her dreams come true
Or that fellow with the thoughts to guide each one of us through
Lots of confusing footsteps that I’ve lost my track
The heaven seems to fall, the earth seems to crack
Finally of all the fascinating characters I know who I wanna be
The original possession of myself, and hence “I chose to be me”.


the best choice you have made..a very confident write

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Tj Becker 06 November 2008

I'm glad you chose to be you; -) we are blessed with that. This is a poem everyone should read, we are born into this world to be ourselves not a clone of someone else. Well said, well written, and a good message. TJ

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Jaideep Garg 21 October 2008

as the thing i belive in be yourself imitation is suicide and i m alive.. . its hard to find thouse person on this world and i m glad that u r the one.. mam well writen o really whant to give more that 10 around 100 but kya kare..its all limited to 10...

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 13 October 2008

Hey, a great poem and as much greatly expressed. Its greater becoming man than being celestial. Thank you.

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Shiva Pillai 27 March 2008

'I chose to be Me', great thought and even greater words to express the thought. Well written..

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