I'D Rather Be Fishing Poem by Juan Olivarez

I'D Rather Be Fishing

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I'd rather be fishing, Than talking to you,
At least when I'm fishing, I know what to do.
I'd rather hold a blue gill in my hand,
Than get hit on the head, with a frying pan.

I'd rather be fishing, than look at your face,
At least the fish, don't get on my case.
I'd rather get in a fight, with an alligator garr,
Than put up with your daily naggin by far.

I'd rather be fishing, any old day,
Than stay home with you, and try to play.
I'd rather untangle a backlashed line,
Than spend an evening with you, sipping wine.

Do I love fishing, or do I love you?
I know it's gotta be one of the two.
To know the answer is what I'm wishing,
Maybe I'll think of it, while I'm fishing.

11/01/10 Alton Texas

Brian Jani 17 May 2014

Fantastic poem juan

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Student 19 April 2018

Hey! This poem that you made really stood out to me and it really spoke to me. i love how it talked about fishing, I love fishing and i also use that time when i fish to think. The thing that i loved the most was how it was all narrated in someones perspective and them talking to someone.In all I really thought this was a great poem and i loved how it was kind of relate-able.

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Jeremiah 20 April 2018

Hey, I liked this poem. You like to fish, and so do I. Depending on your wife’s situation, your poem was humorous. “I’d rather be fishing any old day than stay home with you” line is relatable because I’d often rather be fishing than pretty much anything else. I like the humorous jokes about your wife as well. It makes the poem more interesting to read. Good luck with your (ex?) -wife!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 02 July 2021

Ha! This reminds me of a song by Brad Paisley, called "I'm Gonna Miss Her". If you've never heard it, you should find it on Google and listen to it. Great poem!

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Deegan Bircher 25 April 2018

Dear, Juan Olivarez I just read your poem I'd rather be fishing. I really liked this poem because I also see fishing as my escape. Whenever I get stressed out I go fishing to clear my head. Do you really go fishing or is this just a metaphor? Sincerely, Deegan Bircher

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Juan Hernandez 25 April 2018

Dear Juan Olivarez; Your poem I'd rather be fishing really hit me in the heart.I enjoy reading your poem. How the poem spoke to me was how you can love something more than your wife. Do you love anything more than fishing? Sincerely Juan Hernandez

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Matt N 24 April 2018

What inspired you to write this poem, are you actually a fisherman, how long have you been writing poems. I really liked your poem it really relates to me cause i like fishing and i hope you keep writing poems.

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Josie Grimes 20 April 2018

I really like the poem for a few reasons. One of these reasons is the harsh yet exasperated tone of the poem. It seems like the narrator just wants some peace and quiet for once. The second reason is that I found the tone and the wording hilarious. I loved the short briskness of the poem.Thank you for the poem, it has made many have a bit of joy in life.

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