I Have A White Rose To Tend (Verse Xxxix) Poem by Jose Marti

I Have A White Rose To Tend (Verse Xxxix)

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I have a white rose to tend
In July as in January;
I give it to the true friend
Who offers his frank hand to me.
And for the cruel one whose blows
Break the heart by which I live,
Thistle nor thorn do I give:
For him, too, I have a white rose.


Cultivo una rosa blanca,
En julio como en enero,
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca.
Y para el cruel que me arranca
El corazón con que vivo,
Cardo ni oruga cultivo:
Cultivo la rosa blanca.

Kim Barney 28 January 2017

This has long been one of my favorite poems in Spanish, but this is the first time I've seen it in English. I don't really care for part of the translation, however. Instead of And for the cruel one whose blows Break the heart by which I live, it really means And for the cruel one who tears out The heart by which I live... A more literal translation of the entire poem would be this way: I grow a white rose in July as in January for the sincere friend who gives me his frank hand. And for the cruel person who tears out the heart by which I live, thistle nor thorn do I grow: I grow the white rose.

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Sandra Feldman 28 January 2017

Much, much better. Great translation. Does justice to this wonderful poem and this great poet. Thank you so much! Muchas gracias y bendiciones!

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Armando 01 June 2018

yes, better translation, but at the end it should be the same verse that the first one: I grow a white rose. There is not need to say say explicitly that it's the same flower. That's implied in the rest of the poem, and, at least in spanish, repeating the same verse give a little more enfasis to the idea.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 28 January 2017

Humility....... Thanks for sharing......

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Anil Kumar Panda 28 January 2017

This is beautiful poetry with a message. To reach out to enemy with love and change his heart. Thanks for sharing.

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Mari 07 July 2021

The original poem says" en junior como me enero" not July.

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neta melo juras te cay 24 September 2020

te amo blanca eres el amor de mibida cada rato que es toy sint siento que me ase falta unaparte de y enlos ratos que estoy con tigo siento que puedo bolar eres el amor de mi vida a jalay muy pronto podamos estar juntos te amo blanca I love you Blanca you are the love of my life every time I am without you I feel that a part of my lack and in the moments that I am with you I feel that I can fly You are the love of my life I hope that very soon we can be together I love you Blanca

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Me myself and I 25 September 2018

Mmm, not the best translation from Spanish

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Rajnish Manga 28 January 2017

Beautiful poem. It needs a great deal of moral strength to treat friends and foes as equal.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 28 January 2017

Magnanimity of the poet displayed with humility. Superb poem.

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