I Hold These Random Thoughts Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

I Hold These Random Thoughts

Rating: 5.0

For quite some times…my beloved seems
to misunderstand things we've done
and what to do about those things.
I've grown weary sitting in that tempest pot
filled with 'vengeance is mine' instead of
'love your neighbor as yourself.'
Some so -called Christ-children speak
divinely, yet not journey with [H]im as
LOUDLY proclaimed!

Imagining neighbors in different regions
can apportion memories of unshared
youths digging potatoes in separate fields;
chopping worthless weeds that surround
my momma's lush collard greens. Still I
envision lying in a hammock made of lovely
fabric and suspended between those infected
with love and those infected by satan virus.

Thinking still of growing up in different locales.
How the midday sand burns feet and the
cold snow you rolled into a big heap
you sang hymns; I counted sheep to sleep

By hand, cotton-picking was back breaking; and with
evolution, souls triumphantly cotton up to changes..

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 April 2010

Last two lines like a U Turn to me…twist and helical…and this added a legitimate poetic fragrance … Voted 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Though at this time, I speak in understanding. The halves have illegitimately joined their mates..... ya thoughts always with understanding only.... good thinking on ur part and perfect understanding dear poet......10 read mine 'thought'

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Suicidal Magic 25 June 2009

i luv ur choice of words a very nice write 10++++

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