I Shall Dote Myself Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

I Shall Dote Myself

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I was inspired to write "I Shall Dote Myself" Mother's Day, after noticing I had not received one card from my four (4) children! I thought, perhaps they cannot -after so many Mother's Days-find the words to express their sentiments. Her, my children, I shall dote myself:

I am a widow, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, a sister, a partner and friend-
just an ordinary woman who can do extraordinary things.
I know how to lead, and
I can follow
I am naive:
shun sophistication in styles and techniques
I am ingenious:
clever, original, and effective.
I am sensitive, but
can be thick-skinned
I am a pragmatic, yet
I have fancies:
Impulsiveness, desirous-sometimes unfounded.

I'd rather truthful pains than comforting lies
I try not to judge, for
I too may be judged
I like goodness,
I dislike wickedness…
I see me in both.
I witness justice and experience its prejudice
I practice tolerance, and
I disavow unpermissiveness
I see love as a present and
give it wholeheartedly

I, myself, believe:
love, loyalty, and honor to be precursors…
to gently tapping the souls of humanity
to bring out the best
of humankind…what I believe
can be a cure for the worst conditions.

-Almedia S. Knight -ASK (May 2007)

(Later, that day, I received calls from my children, and their cards were received the following day!)

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 14 June 2009

I love how you smack all those words confidently, knowing you have the apt to retrieve what you're supossed to get.At the end of the day, all your children come to term, of realising that mother's love is the greatest love of all, seemingly.Great piece Almedia! !

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Anjali Sinha 16 June 2009

wowwwwwwwwww a beautiful piece i like the simplicity and the style of this poem so finally all did come--didnt they -10 anjali

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a beautiful poem Almedia..and you said the character of a taurus = many more are there, ..keep it secret between us..so one day is between us..loved it..10++++

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What a beautiful ending you gave this poem. I could not imagine why you would be forgotten, and of course you were not. It is also interesting to read what an interesting and wise person you are. 10 Karin Anderson

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 05 April 2010

Self slicing …introspective out pouring of high-fidelity emotion… ‘…I’d rather truthful pains than comforting lies…’ Biblio-Truthful-Bitter is all-time better than Lie-Candy …but grit and guts are all needed… Scanty in Plenty has that …thanks Ma’am for bringing out lofty-nuggets for my [our] learning 10+ + Ms. Nivedita UK

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 01 February 2010

I dont feel that the conclusion is up to the mark as you have tried to tell something very prosaically which is not your usual way. Human relationship is a recurrent theme in your poems. But u r excellent as a mother.

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 01 February 2010

the conclusion of your poem is weak as it says something overtly to the readers. Poetry is half revealed and half concealed which is your usual way of writing.Here you excelled in thoughts, but not in style..

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Claude H Oliver Ii 28 November 2009

A wonderful sharing of mother with her children.

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Obinna Eruchie 01 September 2009

What wonderful closing lines, 'I, myself, believe: / love, loyalty, and honor to be precursors…/ to gently tapping the souls of humanity/ to bring out the best/ of humankind…what I believe/ can be a cure for the worst conditions.' Your piece shows you are a wonderful person not only to your dear ones, but to others.

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