I Know Nothing Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

I Know Nothing

Rating: 4.3

Of course i know nothing but your love,
Yes! no lesson is interesting to grab
than that which you teach me to learn.
I grew fond of you long before your birth
And i wish to learn nothing but your love.

Teach me more of your love,
For my brain is wide open,
and my heart, like the whales's mouth
is ready to swallow everything that you desire.

How i wish there was no end to the world,
for our love has no boundaries nor limit
Just as the sea never dry and has no boundary,
Our love shall surpass all generations,
both past and those yet unborn,
Lay what troubles you before me
And see me tear them apart.

let me remain your heart beat
And your days shall be filled with my heat.

Monday, August 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love educates
Mantu Mahakul 23 September 2014

How I wish there was no end to the world......of course you know nothing but expressed many things in this poem. Nicely composed.

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David Harris 30 August 2014

Thoughtful and imaginative. Well done young man.

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Hazel Durham 18 August 2014

A beautiful poem of love with a fresh approach and panache!

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

Ghana, Eastern Region,
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