I Too, Sing Poetry. Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

I Too, Sing Poetry.

Rating: 4.6

I have no English honours like Brick,
I am not talented as Brian Johnston,
My poems dont hit like Hazel Durham's
But I too, sing poetry!

My diction isn't archaic as Shakespeare's,
My rhymes, not as sweet as Wordsworth's,
My titles, not catchy like Valsa's,
But I too, sing poetry!

My themes, not passionate as Luther's speech,
My lines, not short as Hughes' dreams,
My style, not unique as Dickinson's
But I still rise like Maya Angelou.

One day, like my predecessors,
My poems will survive the test of time,
And my ancestors will surely be proud of mine,
Oh I too, sing poetry!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Brian Johnston 02 September 2014

Yes, your voice is improving daily Abekah. Your poem may not be deeply philosophical but it is full of the human spirit and it sings beautifully! Keep up the good work!

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Bri Edwards 22 September 2014

well if you are ok with humour, then check this one...I TOO, SING POETRY. I hope you will like it. the preceding line is copied from a message you sent to me several weeks ago but which i have just read today. of course i wanted to see the poem for myself. i DO like and use humour/humor. but first i read the comments made before this comment. [i could not very well be typing about comments which appear AFTER this one! ] those comments are nice, but don't mention humour and seem to indicate a seriousness in the poem. some of my poems are a mixture of humour and seriousness. now i will find out what yours is like! maybe you have fooled the other readers a bit? ? first let me do what i'm known for in some circles. i will make a suggestion! i suggest that the comma in the title, and again in the poem, is not needed and i think in fact is not properly used. it is like saying i, sing songs, rather than i sing songs. just a suggestion of course. :) i'm not going to say that my good friend Valsa's titles aren't catchy, but take a look at Mandolyn's! or at least some of them. and don't judge mandolyn after reading just a few poems. daniel brick, or gertrude brick? william aka bill shakespeare or delores shakespeare; they are cousins i'm told. i think predecessors could be ok, but maybe predesessors' would be better, referring to the poems of your predecessors. what do you think? ? :) and after proud of mine might i suggest, instead of a comma, a period or a semicolon? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - oops! i just started to read it again, and i see i missed that you left the apostrophe out of don't. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i liked the poem. i did not find it humorous. i did like the repetition of the line ending stanzas one and two and the similar line ending stanza four. i hope your ancestors will appreciate the poems as you wish. i share my poetry a bit with some friends not on PH, but few ask me to send more, more, more! AND, if you had mentioned me in your poem i might have sent it to MyPoemList, but you didn't and i won't. :) :) :) :) bri p.s. i truly like some of brian johnston's poems very much; he has some very well thought out, interesting, and well-rhymed poems, but some are not my cup of tea. to each her/his own they say.

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Valsa George 16 September 2014

Hmm..... So surprised to see my name here! A pleasant surprise! But do you mean to say that only my titles are catchy and not my poems? (joking!) Thank you for this honour! Infact I chanced to read this poem only because its title is catchy! 'My poems will survive the test of time, And my ancestors will surely be proud of mine, '...... Yes, I can endorse it, Abekah!

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Daniel Brick 12 September 2014

What a wonderful poem. Let me repeat that - WHAT A WONDERFUL POEM! That's more like it - I was delighted by your use of real people at PoemHunter, myself included, and also some of the shining lights among English- language poets whom you obviously love and learn from. It strikes me your goal is not just to write poems but to make a career of poetry. And I realize as I type this, that describes my goal as well. You have already given me wonderful support in your comments. We will prosper.

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Hazel Durham 07 September 2014

Lovely piece you are so humble and you create such beautiful work that is a pleasure to read! Thanks for the mention of me In your poem I'm deeply touched!

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David Harris 02 September 2014

Good work Abekah. Humility the theme, with a promise of bigger things to come.

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

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