I Owe The World Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

I Owe The World

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Indeed I owe the world lots of gratitude,
So huge and in size that I cannot pay to the end:
Straight from the longitude to the latitude
Of my life, to many people, am deeply indebted.
To remain silent and dumb about this huge debt
Will make me an ingrate and a trash upon the earth.

When I take a deep and critical look into my past,
The sorrow, cries, and the condition of my family,
Though I cannot remember all to the last,
How home had sober because of poverty
And how daddy would work hard to avoid hunger,
Then I know, I owe them a better dinner.

I owe all my mates and friends, both old and new,
For their criticisms and suggestions towards my life:
Though I like many but only trust just a handy few
For few spoke the truth, while many, mere lies,
To some, paying in gold or silver may not be enough
And so I pray for long life and prosperity in their lives.

I owe my teachers, both those in school and at home,
It is their effort that has made me who I am,
With their instructions: usually canes and scold,
They developed my mind on which today I farm.
So what you are reading is among the skills I gained,
Though it wasn't easy, I went through lots of pains.

So you see, I indeed owe the world many thanks
Those whom I stepped on their feet,
Because I couldn't see through the dark,
Those who allowed me in the night to stain their sheets
Because I had nowhere to lay my burdened head
For them, I pray for timely supply of their daily bread.

But among all these debts stands one, very giant
Of which no amount of money can settle.
You increase this debt too, each day and night,
You may try to pay, but all your effort may be little.
And So I owe the world and so are you too,
But Whether you will pay or not, is all up to you.

Sunday, October 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Appreciation
Kyvin Nash 16 July 2017

Many people can relate to this poem one way or the other, this world has changed us we no longer look back but we move with the crowd...so much is left behind...all the efforts that took us where we are, not realized and appreciated! Great reminder this!!! +10

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Achill Lad 13 October 2014

Another great piece Abekah. A humble and appreciative message, a tribute to those who have had an influence on your life, to date. Any debt, you feel you owe, can be repaid by realising your full potential. Make those people proud of the product they've had a hand in shaping.

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Valsa George 13 October 2014

To have a thankful heart is one of the greatest qualities a man can ever have in life! Whether rich or poor, each individual owes much to the world. The concept of 'a self made man' is in fact a myth! We are what we are because of many who in one way or other have helped us grow. That way even our enemies might have contributed something for our growth. Above all we should be thankful to God! Abekah..... I appreciate your frankness, your largesse of heart and your ability to express yourself beautifully and I wish to see you ascend higher and higher in life! !

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John Sky Dadzie 13 October 2014

Yes we owe the world and yes we are highly indebted but it is up to us, yes i believe so up to us to recognise and appreciate the hands that help us up when we tried to stand up to the world. Lovely piece keep writing man

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Hazel Durham 12 October 2014

A great write Abekah with such honesty and truth you thank the world for everything that has made you learn, love and grow into such a fine young man that writes so beautifully! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my poem 'The Essence Is You'

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

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