I Loved You First Poem by krissi b'williams

I Loved You First

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i reconize, that sparkle in your eyes
i remember that child like grin
and the pride thats inside
the pushing from within....
i know what you are about to say
i want to run, yet i know i have to stay...

but before you tell me, all that you need to share
please let me inhale much needed, extra air
i see how your eyes, my own tears falling from inside
i now its now or never...but i want to delay this for,4ever
i just need to tell you, all that i can
before you reveal, there's a new woman
in your life,
and even though weve been seperated for some time
legally i am your wife
and honestly (his name) , i still consider you mine

i swallow hard, my throat dry of thirst
as i am straining to utter these 4, dramatic words,
believe me, ive cannot find no other way...on how to finally say
i loved you first....
i now stand, as i hold your hand...
as i describe in great detail, to make you understand
although we were seperated, you were always my #1 man
and please do believe me, when i say
i will not /nor i shall not stand in your way.....

i couldnt hear a word, of what he spoke..
all i heard was the thumping of my heart,
in my throat
as tears welled up inside my eyes, i stood firm, not to cry
my world slowly unravinling, hell it was blown apart

i wanted to scream, i wanted to yell
as you spoke about, her and you
it wasnt no dream, it was a nightmare from hell
i waited for you to laugh, just as you, almost always do
when you tell a fib, or a joke, n, little lie
but it wasnt there, on your mouth, nor in your eyes

i knew this day
would one day come
but not this way
im am not done
i loved you first, with true hunger, parched thirst
i never wanted anyone the way, ive always wanted you
but what else can i say, what more can i do
your ready to move on, with your new, true
love, your new woman
i will be honest, never saw this one coming....

i loved you first, as well as now, more then you'll ever know
so, i am being woman enough to let the love of my life
go, and disolve this issue, of us being husbabd and wife
if this is what you truly want, i shall set you free
you now belong with her, nolonger with me
my fears have confirmed the worst
that even though it was i
who loved you first
let bigons be bigons, and so on
im letting you go, and i am setting you free
i now know, you are nolonger in love with me

there will 4ever, be a love there, like 2 best friends,
a silent love, a deep care, never to mention ever again
but at one time, he loved me, once he was mine
he loves you now, although he loved me first
now your are his only hunger, his dehydrated thirst
even though i am sad
, and it really, does hurt
i am really glad, to be the woman that loved him first

Shashendra Amalshan 24 August 2009

Hey you didn't held anything back did you! ! ! I do feel you have written with so much passion and emotion.. very genuine poem, coming from your heart! ! 10 for that.. ..... with lots of love shan

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