A Childs Dark 'Help Me' Cries Poem by krissi b'williams

A Childs Dark 'Help Me' Cries

Rating: 3.6

this is a true story of a girl who was abused
her pride, and her will beaten outof her as her tears spill
people just stared, and gawked, thier eyes without
compassion, noone cared,
people just stared at her body bloody and bruised
as she stood there, wandering aimlessly about
this poor little girl broken from being abused
just pitiful looks, not 1 word spoken, noone ever took
the time, to ask who committed these horrible crimes
no 1 questioned, no questions spoken
the ingored the fact of this little girls body battered and broken
instead they told themselves, she chose to live in this hell
for she never asked for help, but she did through her screams and yelps
this hell was all she knew in her short life, the pain the agongy, the strife
no 1 ever asked her if she was alright, they ignored her and the image of the horrible sight, every single day, and every abusing night
and even though they saw her everyday, noone asked if she was okay
cause they knew the answer, they knew what she'd say
when they saw her with a new mark, burn, or bruise
all the signs of her violently being abused
but they shouldnt interfere, on her behalf of the abuse
was thier sorry pathetic reason, and excuse

even though they saw her battered, tatterd body every single day
noone ever came to her aide
and when she screamed at night..neiborbors sealed their windows tight
while she was getting beat and abused
being hit, punched and slapped, every night being attacked
and beaten, who would ever chose, to be misused
everyday, instead of being able to hang out with friends and play
who, would chose....this price this pay
of being beaten and misused
and no one dared complain nor say
or call the authorities so this child could be taken away
to somewhere safe, instead of there
bleeding, and broken, with ripped out chunks of hair
how could everyone one not care? ? ? ?
who in their right mind would believe, that this child chose to recieve

to be slapped and punched, and hit, and kicked
people who think this are sick, and they need to be beaten, hit and kicked
to believe that this is what she had to chose
a life of endless abuse, not to be saved from me or you
these neighborborbors, need to be punched, kicked, and hit on
they need to be strapped down and spit upon
for letting this girls misery keep going on for so long
all she craved was for some affection
and she was depraved of everyones loving attention
until it was news worthy to mention
all she ever got was abuse and strangers stares
never open arms, from people who cared
just gawks at her bruises, bloody clothes, and matted, tangled hair
no 1 ever went up to her door and knocked
to threaten her abusers, if the abuse didnt stop
to call the authorities, or the cops......

but she finally got attention, and the outcries from stranger outreaged affections
when for the 1st time, the police came to her home
for the little girl had disappeared and had been seen by noone
for days, then/weeks, never again
thats when.........the public knew
because a couple of construction crews
fpound a cardboard box, piled high with rocks
and buried inside, was the lifeless small body of a child
a lil girl, all bloody and bruised, a tattered lil girl badly abused
thats when to late the lil girl got the long needed attention
and the long awaited peoples affection
now it was to late for the kind she so badly needed
as she was laid to rest, for her cries so so sadly pleaded
went unheard, until she was lowered in the earth
for now her pictures were all over the news
about the life she had lived everyday, yet noone came to her rescue and saved
and now everyone knew her story, as she lay dead in the grave
day and night of being abused
how neighbors saw her being abused
now all the stations broadcast her story, of this tragic tale, her tragic fate
her story broadcast, all to late

and all the news, did their interviews
and asked the neighbors next door,
why they didnt report this abuse, they all had stupid excuses
saying they werent sure
what was going on, and then the reported asked, for how long?
they all shrugged and shut the door
now the world could see how the lil girl was so unloved
but thank goodness she was with the angels above
now all of them have to live with it, in the back of thier mind
and her picture they see, as its plastered all on the t.v.
how they let that child die...left her behind
and how for the rest of thier lifes..they'll with those lies
and will forever be haunted be her deathly cries...that they denied
how it was so easy for them to look the other way
but what a steep price that lil girl had to pay
for their silence, and her parents evil violence

they will 4ever be hauntedby the question why
they never came to that lil girls rescue
and will 4ever be haunted, by her, screams, in their dreams, of her cries,
why did they let her die, there will always be that daunting echo
in thier hearts and minds, of the lil girl they lost, that they left behind

Samantha Mckinnon 13 October 2015

Beautifully yet hauntingly written. I get it completely, I've been the one crying. Beautiful..truly beautiful.10

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

only a person who has lived through such a terrible ordeal could write such a poem that made me have goosebumps, chills and tears through out this sorrowful tale..good job on making this horrible situation into a gorgeous poem..great writing..10s again, my new petic friend..you've kept me on my toes with the diversity of your poems..you are truly talented for you've written poems that have covered all sorts of topics, not just love nor heart breaks, but poems i would have never thought were a good subject, and you've turned them into a sensational view of things.10s all the way

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

i thought i was i was going to be bored or exhausted from the long theme of this poem, but i had tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over me while i was reading it..great job...10s

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Something Special 14 August 2009

alot of people see and hear crime and look the other way.alot of people who are victims of crime are so ashamed it happened to them they dont report it, but children should never feel ashamed, as parents adults and teachers we are supposed to protect them, if children were supposed to have the itellection of adults, they would be born smarter then adults..those neighbors should be arrested for accomplices

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I know many a child that hsare this story...... thanks.. lady.. you have lots to say. good. do you have essays?

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