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I'M Not Supposed Too

im not supposed to love you
i am not supposed to care
im not supposed too live my life
wishing you were there

A Childs Dark 'Help Me' Cries

this is a true story of a girl who was abused
her pride, and her will beaten outof her as her tears spill
people just stared, and gawked, thier eyes without
compassion, noone cared,

' Intertwined Souls '

are definitely shown......
between a woman and a man.....but once you understand
it all is definitely known......

(**'Through The Tough Times'**)

YOU'VE stood my side through these troubling YEARS...
WHEN we were over come by shadow n doubt, when life was so UNCLEAR
WE NEVER knew what 2morrow would bring, and we still dont even TODAY...
THROUGH ALL the defeating storms, you'd hold me n SAY...

*****(Be A Man) *****

reliviling all, that you said
rereading the words
over n over, in my head

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krissi, im very new at this site. as of now i have only one poem. i've read ur straightforward comments WHY you have made a score of 10/10 to 'Lady Grace' poem. after that i tried to study ur poem- the style, the format and the way you delivered your thoughts... it only reflects a real-true-free-spirit- from your CAPS to the use of numbers your own soul IS fully expressed the way you see it the way you feel it... that's why to me this particular poem ' INTERTWINED SOULS ' is... 10/10 (a complete you. beautiful!) -penpen

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ive been writing poems for at least 20 all started after my dads death in dream is to start my own greeting card company.real rymes for the real often when you go to buy a card, its not exactly what you want it to say. so im placing a few of my favorite poems to get feedback.that way i know what people who love and into po ...

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