' Intertwined Souls ' Poem by krissi b'williams

' Intertwined Souls '

Rating: 3.5

are definitely shown......
between a woman and a man.....but once you understand
it all is definitely known......
by your woman's expressed concerns in words
or through your man's touch.....its yen & yang in our worlds! ! !
boy connected to girl i want to let you know as i should
so these words i write to you, are most definitely understood
when you pull away, inch by inch.....our souls, bit by bit...begin to pull away from each other...causing pain and suffer
until they rip...inch by inch, bit by bit, they begin to tear and rip, and rip
the whole of our passion, and unbridled love, with every bad action
the souls in the depths of our hearts.....takes the pulls when we shove
placing grief inside instead of satisfaction....inside our hearts
truly ripping our intertwined souls apart.....
inch by inch, bit by bit, until the fights pull makes them rip
intertwined souls, that make us complete..a whole
my soul is yours, and your soul is mine
our souls together are completely intertwined
and yet we've been so blind and dumb....by us truly believing.....
that our souls are numb....and they have no feelings...
as we forcefully make them rip, by not giving, just receiving
we continuously make...this happen
causing the chain reaction

of inch by inch..bit by bit...they come undone..by each rip

instead of waiting with open arms....we succumb..to the ugly words
me and you say...night after night..day after day
after stating...the devastating lies over the truth
we don't realize, nor hear our intertwine souls cry....as the rips are causing them to die...oh..and yet they try
to hear how every fight, , , makes them slowly disappear..as they hold on for dear life, through all the pain, grief, and strife
for my soul is yours, and your soul is mine..they are 4ever intertwined!
each fight causes a ripple effect.making them again and again
detect, no love, no right, only wrong with every fight

inch by inch, bit by bit, tear by tear, they rip and rip
and as our souls have begun to bleed...they scream at us to take heed
and the more we fail to pay attention, the more we neglect to listen
and all the pain in their silent screams we are missing, it shows a reflection..to who we are, and what we've become
lovers with intertwined souls...begging to no one
as they pray for us to listen to what they have to say
we just play deaf to their cries of mercy.....our souls so thirsty
for the love you and i once shared, and yes baby it is still there
hidden behind, these lies, and words of anger, placing it all in grave danger....our intertwined souls, are trying to remind
us, of all our love, passion, lust and trust

lets take heed, as our intertwined souls plead
and show us the scars, that the rips have caused to bleed
we are 4ever soul mates, you know i speak the truth
as you feel the love, passion you have 4 me, and i have 4 you
4ever..we have been brought 2gether....through space and time
destiny, love, and faith, as well as fate
let us not cause any of it to designegrate
our intertwined souls, makes us 1, makes us whole...are starting to let go...and now that we know..what we cause each other
we need to stop, all of it, for it is unecessary for them and us to suffer
it seems as though, once we let go...we became enemies and strangers..not caring about any of the danger
just as long as we bullseyed the target we intended to hit,
enough is enough, of all of it...

destinys and fates...lovers and soulmates.....every day and every night
every negative word, every dumb fight..we lose sight
we shake, til we break....the bines...that hold our intertwined
souls together..destined for forever...the bines unravel, in every lie
the ugliness, in every untrue word that is told, that are wrapped around our souls....and the more and more we let go...they die ever so slow
unraveling bines, untwine, each and every timewe drift apart
soul to soul, heart to heart
as we let the love from the depths of our hearts...diminished, depart
say goodbye...why? ? everytime we fight, day and night
nor do we make any of our wrongs right...what a pitiful sight

we dim loves lights, they nolonger burn bright
whatever it takes, for their and our own sakes...to make
the loose bine, more twisted more tight


Putholi Arumugham 08 August 2009

so interwined are your emotions with words - like silkiness of moons rays are interwined with loveliness of nature forming a wonderful sight 10++

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this piece is well said. I was told once by one of my mentors that the key to poetry is to be able to say lots in a few. to be honest, I don't like very long poems though i have a few. But this was good and did its job well.

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Something Special 14 August 2009

i casually visit poem writing websites for passion, yet bold poetry..i have read several of your poems, and am fascinated by your work..i can tell by reading these brilliant, and eventful tales that you write about occurences in your life...continue to do so, and you may just beat out emily matthews, hallmark, and so forth

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Surya . 14 August 2009

beautiful poem.good composition. enjoyed reading. voted10 surya

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Doc Penpen B Takipsilim 23 March 2010

..........10/10! (a complete U. beautiful)

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

this is the poem that got me me hooked to poetry..also love interwined souls the ending..10s yet again

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Obinna Eruchie 03 October 2009

' INTERTWINED SOULS ' emotionally expressed.

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

as you become lovers and soulmates,2 people often have they're souls intertwined. this epic tale is truly and honorably expressed. beautiful way with words. i dont usually read nor do i ever write poetry, but i was looking for a way to express my feelings to my mate, and no card could. but you have. you and your poem. gave it a 10...although i dont know what the rating means, and i am hoping that 10 is the best score, and 1 is the worst.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 15 August 2009

Hi Krissi, from my point of view, you've wrote it so well.This is in fact the tell tale of human passion, which is love.

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