Bri Mar

'' I'M A Very Old Tree '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Some of us can live for millions of years,
We've watched as the world's rolled by,
Witnessed all of its hopes and fears,
Now we weep as we watch our Earth die.

Living this way can be so hard to bear,
As none of us can intervene,
Which is really tough when you're fully aware,
Things are worse now than we've ever seen.

We watched the Dinosaurs come and go,
Mammoths and Sabre Tooth's too,
We're warning you now to let you all know,
The same fate is what awaits you,

Contrary to what you Humans think,
Your intelligence is really quite small,
As you take our planet to the very brink,
You are heading for an almighty fall.

You forget this planet belongs to all life,
Yet Mankind is hell bent on destruction,
Because of your acts we all suffer strife,
That's a pure and simple deduction.

Nuclear power cannot be controlled,
It is insane to even think that you can,
A major disaster now waits to unfold,
Devastation created by man.

The scenes we have witnessed are really sad
More so since you lot arrived,
Trying to control atoms is just utterly mad,
Destruction is what you have contrived.

Plundering Earths resources is really insane,
Soon you'll have ripped out her heart.
You are treating our planet with total disdain,
Very soon it will all come apart.

Killing each other you seem to enjoy,
Life to you really comes cheap,
Your aim in life is just to destroy,
For this your extinction you'll reap.

There is no precedent to the human race,
You destroy more than the rest of us combined,
You make no provision for the future you face,
You are truly one of a kind,

We've witnessed destruction on a massive scale
As for yours there is no equal,
Unless your madness you now curtail,
Believe me there will not be a sequel.

You may well think I'm self righteous and cruel,
But unless you take action now,
Our planet will become a stagnant pool,
You will get your comeuppance and how.

Your future is what you need to review,
How would you know, I hear you all ask,
Well I've been around much longer than you,
I've accrued the knowledge to take you to task.

Ignore the warnings and you'll pay the price,
Destroying our planet doesn't come free,
Mother nature is one powerful device,
How would I know?

‘' I'm A Very Old Tree ''

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 23, 2012

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