Tears Poems: 240 / 500

A Lost & Confused Girl

Rating: 3.3

She goes to sleep to stop thinking that horible thought and to stop the

tears from flowing from her blue eyes. She wakes up and its all she

does not to. She misses that feeling, shes misses love. She doesnt tell

her friends and might not because she knows exactly what they'll say.

She only tells God and hides the secret. She waits trying to be patirnt

and at times fails. She goes outside and watches the sunset and

thinks as the tears fall that she is strong and can do this. But she still

feels the same and she talks to the past as if they can cheer her up

and fill this black whole. But they ignore her and make promises that

wont come true. And all she can do after that is feel like shes done

wrong and blames herself. Shes still waiting and hopes that God will

bring her love soon, because the pain hurts and doesnt know what

else to do.

Vampire Heart 31 August 2008

Any poem about love is very beautiful, very emotional, nice keep up the good work

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Anna jonson 23 August 2008

waaw very beautiful.. keep going

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Serenity Prayer 23 August 2008

you can tell me anything. i wont talk back, ill just listen.

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Brandon w 12 May 2009

Really good write.I love your poems.

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tara star 09 May 2009

well done dear poet fellow.....its fantastic, , , , , , , , , , i loved it...keep wrting and thnx 4 sharing

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Sathyanarayana M V S 05 September 2008

I can only repeat what great Shakespeare said 'Our bodies are our gardens Our wills are our gardeners' sathya narayana

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Ershad Mazumder 01 September 2008

Live in your soul. Do not live in your body. Body is full of greed and lust Soul is eternity full of love. Body is destined to dust

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 01 September 2008

Nice write girl! Keep writing!

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