Boy & Girl Texting Convo Poem by Jessica Elizondo

Boy & Girl Texting Convo

Rating: 5.0

Girl- Hey, whats up?

Boy- Not much, just bored, lol.

Girl- Lol. Same here, so how are you?

Boy- I'm good, just thinkin bout things..

Girl- Oh. Like What?

Boy- Well we've been friends for a while now, so I can tell you.

Girl- Go on.

Boy- Well, I kinda like this girl at school, but I don't think she notices me at all. and I try to tell her how i feel but we always get interupted.

*Girl smiles and wonders if its her*

Girl- oh, and what does she look like?

Boy- Dark brown hair, in our grade and she also has blue eyes. Plus shes kinda short.

*Girl knows its her for sure, and smiles*

Girl- Really? ! thats kool. I thinkl I know her. and She like oyu too. =)

Boy- R U serious? ! thats great!

Girl- I'm so glad you said something first! Now I don't have to hide these feelings any longer! ...........I love you too!

Boy-, I was talking about the girl who sits behind me in spanish class, um.......this is akward........

*Girl blushes and cries*

Girl- Lol. Dude I was kidding with ya! lol. sry if you took it the wrong way. lol.

Boy- lol, oh ok. lol. Hey i g2g, cya at school. =)

*Girl cries but hides it inside. and thinks to herself that if he doesn't know it wo'nt matter.*

Girl- Lol, ok, cya at school. =)

Serenity Prayer 01 August 2008

very good, but also sad. great job.

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Brandon w 12 May 2009

wow.that is sad.Good write though

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aww thats so sad...10++

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Desiree Burdick 28 December 2008

good cover up lol i like it

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The Hawk 08 August 2008

that is an awkward situation for all involved, nice write!

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JESS. you amaze me wit your tallent.tis was very good for bored gril. lol, , please keep writeing and comeing up wit all these new ways to amuse the reader.

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