I'm Not And I'm There By Poem by Riza Braholli

I'm Not And I'm There By

I'm not and I'm there by

There's much snow on Mborja's lay
I'm there... I'm not by...
Woods wait for meso trembling a tree
Birds fly around, they look for me
Gate and pathwayme in the eye.
And I am there..., I'm not by...

Ah, in that place no hour or day
So that no blame be in my eye.
On snow a robin of red the plume
Rushing into from room to room,
And his soft heart bursts upon you
I do come there...die sans ado...

Covered by fog in vertigo
Well, where am I then dropping by
Amid the roads paved up with snow
As if a sinner, my hand take now
And look at me with wound edeye
And I'm there... I am not by.

Over my Mborje there's much snow
Oh, do not say, "again this guy"
For I'm a son, not orphan, though
Upon my chest a bell to blow
Only for you it sounds so high
If I'm not there... I'm there by.

Translation from Albanian into English
By Alfred Kola
Korçë, May 28,2018

I'm Not And I'm There By
Friday, June 1, 2018
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Edward Kofi Louis 05 December 2018

Nature! ! Birds fly around. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Lyn Paul 05 July 2018

A lovely write, can feel the chill.

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Riza Braholli 23 July 2018

Lyn I have tried many times to answer you, but it was impossible... sorry! thanks for your evaluation comment. I will continue to read you. your poetry likes me, especially for the lyricism it carries.

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