I Need A Job But Where Can I Find One. Poem by Gerald Opio

I Need A Job But Where Can I Find One.

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Working hard through out my School days, anticipating highly that all this hard work will yield me a better earning job at the end of everything.
But wrong was I, after school - the world of hustling embraces us, with wide open arms.

All our toiling tartamounts to nothing, employers overlook our qualifications - like they don't matter at all.
Because they want to secure their jobs and fix their relatives through back door.

Swivel-eyed employers are, when they see a person they know.
But poor us, who are not well connected to them or related.
Discriminated against, our documents dumped in the bin.
Who shall we turn to? So that our plea is heed to.

My country would be great, but debauchery has become the theme of the day, politicians only care for them selves and their insatiable bellies.
Offices are being tainted with fradulence - a stench it has become.

Money invested in education turns out to be a waste, graduands roaming around the streets - resorting to menial jobs.
No one cares, the system is rotten to the core, everyone minding their own business - while graduands wallow in frustration, distress and depression.

Poverty infesting an erudite generation, leaders looking on and only caring about their children - is the most sickening thing you could ever wanna know.
Living from hand to mouth is a prevalent means now, due to the peremptory life that leaves us no choice at the end of the day.

I weep for my country, Uganda.
Teachers are striking each and every other day for a payrise,
Qualified Interns are roaming the streets of Kampala in quest for placements, doctors are laying down tools and pertaking in sit down strikes, yet Ministries swiddle profuse sums of money without facing the extreme hand of the law, scot-free they go.
The innocent ones are the scapegoats, acting as their sacrificial Lamb.

For I keep on sobbing, crying my eyes out - for the dire state that my country evolves into every time.
A stagnation phase it has landed in, with no remedies articulated to curtail on the overwhelming impact caused to the development of the youth in the country.

For I need a job,
But where can I find one.
Once I was a teen,
But now I am a man,
With more responsibilities on my shoulder, that come with growth.
For all I'm today,
It has been God's grace,
And His unfailing love,
That has kept me going,
Even when my world was crumbling,
and tearing apart.

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