Mystery Of Love Poem by Gerald Opio

Mystery Of Love

Rating: 5.0

A love never anticipated
One never presumed
As a mystery it happens
Twisting all dimensions

As clouds suddenly turn nimbus
Dim the lights of the day
Fall inform of rain
Such does love too

A weakness it looks
Due to the sudden feel of emotions
Comprised of a certain urge to express
And make known to the other

A limited world it casts you in
One that only includes the two of you
So constrained your perception becomes
With a recurrence of thoughts about her

In a state of uncertainty you wander
Thinking of whether or not to dialogue with her
It sounds crazy but true
Love has taken a toll on you

Out of that confinement you wanna escape
But your heart says otherwise
A conflict of thoughts you are rendered in
And only opening up to her could save you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love
Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

The rest of the poem I've read and plan to comment on IF you request it. bri : )

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Gerald Opio 20 April 2023

You can comment. It's highly appreciated.

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Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

stanza 2: I 'HAD TO' look up 'nimbus', and what a shock I had! For readers, I think you should write to make your meaning(s) more clear. AND 'inform' or 'in form'? ha ha

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Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

I'D LIKE TO SEE PUNCTUATION MARKS. Some poems 'succeed' without them; let me see if this one 'works' for me. I need to finish reading it.

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Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

stanza 1: I don't THINK you want or should have 'for' here: 'A love never anticipated for'.

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