If Never Counts Poem by Gerald Opio

If Never Counts

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If I had done this; Could it have turned out better?
If I hadn't done it; Would it turn out any different?
If life gave me a second chance; Would I have lived better?
If it all happened as I anticipated; Would I be happy?
If I took my shot; Would I have hit it right?

Life full of ifs' is not a life
it's an admiration
a life of a wanton
we get what we deserve
we receipt what we fight for.

If is a language for losers
winners do not sound sentimental
they ready their mind for the next task
any unfinished business is their goal
if isn't a part of them

If shouldn't be reiterated
it should be silent
secluded from serious matters
as it extenuates aftermath efforts
A warrior doesn't if
He fights head on
When he loses
he doesn't if
He congratulates his opponent
And reflects on where he went wrong
and bolsters his weak areas with strenuous preps

A valiant heart desists from ifs'
it embraces challenges
desiring frightening moments
that induce courageous attitudes
to fight on
if never counts.

Anil Kumar Panda 23 May 2023

It is true. There should not be any ifs and buts when you think positive and look ahead. Nicely inked.

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