I’ve Lost One Verse With Tinkling Lines Poem by Janri Gogeshvili

I’ve Lost One Verse With Tinkling Lines

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I’ve lost one verse
With tinkling lines,
I’ve lost a verse,
It’s somewhere else…
I sought the leaf,
But couldn’t find,
Even from the disc
It vanished.
I cried and cried
For that little verse,
In my soul it lay
Like a winged word,
It lay there
Like grief and anguish.

That bright and sincere thought –
That verse remained in the past.
I’m tired of grief and sorrow,
Sorrow has seized me at last…


Translated from Georgian

Teresa Dearing 05 April 2009

Very nicely done, I can so relate to the loss. T In my head the verses come, and then they go, And show no respect for the sorrow they sow, When I awake in morning's light, I find the words have taken flight. Leaving me to rue the night, When the verses seemed so right.

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Harshika Ram 26 November 2008

the pain of losing something precious was conveyed in the poem. it reminded me of somethign which i lost.

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Emancipation Planz 25 November 2008

May be so.. but your eulogy here.. certainly makes up for it... I tinkled earlier this year and lost about 50 of mine... when words are lost or die in the biggest ether.... vocabulary just loses weight... I lost some tears as well... (thanks for the translation) .

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John Weber 25 November 2008

I enjoyed this one a great deal, Janri! Who hasn' t been devastated by a critical data loss, whether with a PC, device or brain, right? I love the salvaged nature of this, harkening back to the glory of your lost piece by jotting this new piece in tribute. Wonderful technique, my friend! Keep 'em coming! Warm regards, John.

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Tsira Goge 15 November 2008

My darling, it is very eloquent... Remarkably, I did not know this of a poem... Accept I wash the condolence... But it is better, be not missed more... Write the ne, You have a fine imagination and dexterous language... for my....10.... Your solar shade, Tsira

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Janri Gogeshvili

Janri Gogeshvili

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