I Wait For You Poem by Pacific Hernandez

I Wait For You

Rating: 5.0

Each time I'm on the boulevard
You're there with me, walk by my side
But talk to me you'd never do
A thing I would expect of you

When in a movie house I sit
I'm not alone, to me you're next
I never, never taste your lips
Although I hunger for your kiss

In 'heartbreak cafe', site of our trysts
I dine alone, for you I wait
You would not come, you I would miss
Until it's time for me to leave

On my way home at the bus stop
I'll wait a while and there stand
Hoping of you I'll have a glimpse
But the buses just come and leave
I will not have the sight of you
Sad with frustration I would go

It's really hard to make believe
That in my world you still exist
Shall I forever hope and wait
How long shall I myself deceive

Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

'That in my world you still exist Shall I forever hope and wait' Rachel Ann Butler

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Eddie Roa 01 March 2009

there could be nothing sadder than an unprofessed love. You put all the frustration and the angst in a well written verse.

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