The Kiwi Poem by Pacific Hernandez

The Kiwi

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And why oh why Kiwi, you a bird we must call
When you don't have a wing that you can say you own

There's nothing I can do but it was nature's joke
That I be without wings, just run or only walk

My scientific name's Apteryx Australis
A name I owe to Carl von Linne and to the Greeks
'A-' is to mean devoid, having none or without
And 'pteryx' is the wing oddly I do not have

But regret I have none about my anatomy
For being without wings is not an infamy
And unto wonderment, yes, I do give my share,
My nostrills at the tip of elongated bill
So I can very well worms and crawlers smell
Whiskers I also have just like any feline
So I can feel my way in the dark anywhere

My egg's one-fourth my weight, three months to incubate
To form a sisngle one, one month for me it takes
Twice more than the usual I have always to eat

Two-thirds of it is yolk and so heavy a load
And it is very big, leaving no space for food
Before one I can lay for three days fast I should
Once laid, my partner sits on it, three months he would
Loses one-third his weight, quit nor complain he won't

A belly with an egg, sore and swollen becomes
Relief is to wallow in a stream or a pond
My overstretched belly always touches the ground
I have to part my legs, so I can move around

Although I am only a waddling, flightless bird
In the hearts of many, I have a special place
Products, money, people and fruit my name they take
In the animal world, I am sans duplicate

Emancipation Planz 10 October 2008

you have just made this emused kiwi go 10derly into a state of nocturnal flap.. aroha

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Ency Bearis 24 September 2008

a nice verses about that bird...its great...A 10 4 this Ency Bearis

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Ashraful Musaddeq 24 September 2008

A wonderful composition with Kiwi. A great work. Love it.

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