Stanley Collymore

I Want To Be More Than Just Your Lover! - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Do you love me? Sorry to put you on the spot but I’d really
like to know, for although you recurrently pay me loads
of compliments and periodically tell me how very
much you like being with me you’ve never once
in the time we’ve been regularly seeing each
other, over a year now I must remind you,
ever told me that you actually love me.

So am I just your lover and nothing more? I need to
know for my personal feelings for you are
unquestionably those of someone who
is profoundly in love with you, and
if you find it hard or are simply
unwilling to reciprocate them then I’d much prefer to hear
it from you not someone else, so I can civilly and with
my dignity still intact extricate myself not only
from a relationship that from a personal
perspective is patently unsuitable
for me but also one that quite
evidently where the two of
us are concerned is
obviously going

And rather than needlessly have it tiresomely drawn out in
the doldrums of despair, acrimony and possibly hatred,
as it inevitably will do if the current circumstances
that exist between us continue to prevail, I’d
like to end our relationship now, so that
we can both have the opportunity to knowingly embark on
a new start with different partners who’re individually
capable and, most importantly, quite willing to
mutually, unstintingly and courageously
dispense to each other the kind of
love and commitment that most
certainly, in my case, I’m
earnestly looking for.

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 October 2013.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Curious isn’t it that while some people are quite enthusiastically and selfishly prepared to liberally indulge themselves in what’s undeniably the most intimately physical interaction there is between two human beings, no real concern on their part for the personal feelings of those whom they’re enjoying themselves with; no semblance of disclosure of their true feelings relative to that relationship much less a sense of loyalty or commitment to the individual involved is ever contemplated, revealed let alone acted upon.

Nevertheless, despite that intransigent conceit compounded by a blatant and ostentatious display of consummate immaturity by those acting in this shameful manner, interestingly enough without fail it seems they get away with their bad behaviour, and sickeningly so in the majority of cases, it must be stressed, to the obsequious approval of those who are the ones being intentionally used.

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