I Want To Be Son Of Nature Poem by peshawa kakayi

I Want To Be Son Of Nature

I Want To Be Son of nature

Poem by: Peshawa Kakayi
Translated to English: Dlovan Ali

I want to be the son of nature
For deep wound, not going back to my doctor.
This doctor, putted in the outside of my worldview
I have to respect him.
So i should run away of him and searching for my soul.

I want rise up same a tree, but for shadow
Like root, put myself inside ground
For steaming smell of soil for around
Not working, fog in mountain with 'Shimshal'* melody, not be a mixture of cloud.
What's a profit of wind? If he not boring dance inside my eyes,
Don't put Leaves drunkenness on the path of rivers.

But wind, is a traditional musical instrument
God, playing our words
And put it on a melody line.
Wind born on a burp of air
Instead smell, he was busy with buzzing
He ran behind the soil,
hanged himself with a claw: for the love of steam.
before our came, was busy pairing
he brought three girls into the world: snow, hail and rain.

rain, so softly umbrellaed:
stone liked to melt underneath it.
until the human came to the world:
learn from it and avoid cruelty.
when he saw the hail,
he's more far away from the soul.
But snow, with all this softness
he can't calming down our stupidly

I want to be the son of nature.
When I was blind, put a drop of rain inside my eyes
When I was injured, wrap my wounds with a leaves.
When my hand is broken, grafting a stick of a tree from me.
so that my writing can be regreening.
When my hair is falling, plant a mint on my head.
so that instead of sweat, it will spread smell good.
When my hears deafness, take me to the sea,
Put two seashells for me, and at least it will move waves to me.

So that I will not be the son of nature,
When the basil goes back to the mint tribe
Mentha pulegium, who anyone doesn't eat freshly,
When he get old, he's height will rise as old man,
It will drying same old ‘Mentha pulegium '
Come on, let's be a nature, will spread peace!

18/06/2016 Qaladze, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

*Shimshal: It is a Kurdish cultural musical instrument. Type of a Flute

Poem by: Peshawa Kakayi
Translated to English: Dlovan Ali

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