I Will Never Look At You The Very Same Way Poem by Randy McClave

I Will Never Look At You The Very Same Way

I will never look at you the very same way
Either tomorrow or even the next day,
Nor next month or even next year
My eyes are now finally opened and clear.
Once I was blinded by your beauty
But, then I didn't see how you were vain and snooty,
And how different then you were when you posed
Maybe because then both my eyes were closed.
When I looked at you I then didn't see a liar
Instead I saw a woman who set my soul on fire,
And then when you started to show off and strut
I guess then, my eyes were closed shut.
When I first saw you I saw a wife
I saw a beautiful angel and a relationship and a life,
But, then I never saw your scheme or plot
But, maybe then both my eyes were blood shot.
I had heard the rumors and the stories about you
But, I knew in my soul that they were not at all true,
And then while you were out shopping and then cooking
I must say then, that I wasn't really looking.
So, neither now or even the next decade
Once used, is once one time to many betrayed,
So, until my death this I will believe and I will say
I will never ever look at you, the very same way.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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