If... Poem by Leslie Ching


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If a rogue paintbrush clattered to the floor and happened to catch my eye,
I would lure it to my fingers with a palette smothered with rich, vivid paints
Luxurious hues and shades it would love
And rested in my light but commanding grip, I would let it unlock for me
The passageways to the castles of lore
The doors to the tranquil countryside
The paths to the calming seashores
The tunnels to the beautiful sunset
On the canvas it would playfully dance to and fro, dipping itself in each delicious colour
And whine plaintively when its job had been fulfilled and it was time to be stored away.

If a rogue art pencil rolled on by and happened to catch my eye,
I would swiftly grab it before it ever saw a thing and catch it by surprise
Caught in an inescapable trap (clutched in my hand) ,
I would lead it back to its glory days when Pencil and Sketch Pad were one-
Shadowed and pristine still life
Awestriking animal sketches
Sharp manga and anime
Funky classroom doodles
On the smooth paper it would slide and skate all around the page
And lie down, relaxing and dismissive, when its job had been fulfilled and it was time to be stored away.

But if a fine, well-inked pen bumped into my desk and happened to catch my eye,
It would happily pop its cap off in greeting and willingly slip into my open hand,
Familiar with the process to come and enjoying every second.
Pen in hand, contentedness at heart, I would let the black ink flow from the tip
Full of ideas
Brimming with words
Flooded with emotion
Scribbling hurriedly to capture them all...

Brianna Trombley 17 January 2009

you are truly inspiring, way beyond your years, the description with which you write is brilliant, i luv this poem, thanks for sharing

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Ken Suh 15 January 2009

Amazing@@! ! ! ! You're my age and your doing this kinda thing! ! ! ! Awesome! @! ! ! ! 10 for you! ! ! wow! how long have you been writing? I've been writing to for five six months now :) - Peace!

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Randy Hogan 11 January 2009

Wow......now thats what i am talking about....you go girl.. well done...10++++

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Annie Girl 10 January 2009

this is really good i give this a 10 and up good work

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Blue Eyes 07 January 2009

i love the metaphores they are great.i love ur decriptive talent too a 10 for sure.

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Leslie Ching

Leslie Ching

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