If I Could Fly Poem by Patricia Grantham

If I Could Fly

Rating: 4.6

If I could fly high in the air like the birds up above
Then seek out any person that doesn't know how to love
Looking down upon the earth and seeing all of its glory
Take to the sky like the morning dove and tell the all time story

When flying far beneath the clear and brilliant skies
Listening to the hungry and hearing their solemn cries
Rising high above the rooftops and trying to see within
People fighting for their freedom and wanting ever to win

Soaring high like the eagle that is sharper than any bird
Spreading of food to the hungry and speaking a kind word
Darting up and down like the sparrow to and fro in the air
Flying around the whole wide world spreading nothing but cheer

Sing like the robin perched on a fence near the gate
Peck at the heart that is filled with so much hate
Gather up the dried grapes hanging on the vines so free
Circle around the lush green forest and rest upon a tree

Coasting and careening up to the greatest of heights
Seeking to understand mankind and his enormous plights
Finally to rest in a place where daylight turns to dark
Yearning ever to fly again a new flight to embark

Copyright 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: world peace
Patricia Grantham 25 August 2013

@Aftab Alam Khurseed This poem that I wrote has all of the effects of being in a dream. I am sure this is the way most of those who read it have felt. When I wrote It I thought of the birds and how they fly. They see everything but can't tell or reason about it. We all know that humans can't fly. This poem was written in such a way to connect the reader with the poem. We may not fly but we can put on wings of love, mercy, peace, grace, kindness and many other attributes. Best regards my poet friend.

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Efe Benjamin 18 September 2013

lovely write, good use of imagery, great poem i'll give it a 10+

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Gajanan Mishra 08 February 2013

Telling all time story. good one. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Chinedu Dike 24 April 2015

Beautiful train of thoughts, well articulated and nicely penned in poetic diction. A poem with lovely rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing and remain blessed Patricia. It's always a pleasure to read your poems.

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Valsa George 15 August 2013

Looking down from the heights like a bird to have a wider view, coming down to spread love and cheer, by nightfall seeking rest in some shady grove and the next morn, begin the flight anew to cheer the world with songs of love! ! Great thoughts, soaring on wings Pat!

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Mrinal giri 12 June 2018

Very nice

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Unwritten Soul 16 June 2016

You are wise and stronger woman, definitely seen your spirit strong on this write...soaring high..high than eagle!

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Melvina Germain 06 November 2015

Thank you for such an first of all amazing flight, I'm uplifted, you have motivated me this morning and this poem gives off such fantastic inspiration. I wish for the people of this world to read this and soak up the energy that is woven through every line. I hope you publish this poem in a book, I will be among the first to buy that book Patricia.....

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Sofia Kioroglou 15 October 2015

Awesome piece! I enjoyed every word of it. Good ink. Thank you for sharing your work with the world! Have a nice day!

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But you can fly! You have flown very high in this beautiful poem!

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Patricia Grantham

Patricia Grantham

Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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