Bri Mar

'' If Only You Would Open Your Eyes '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I’m one of the elite in the upper classes,
You class me as famous and rich,
As I look down on you the masses,
I see none of you have a stitch.

Though you’re scum you assist my cause,
In effect you look up to me,
If only you took some time out to pause,
The truth you would surely see.

I’m a common criminal as most of us are,
What we do we class as the norm,
In order to make our riches go far,
Tax evasion is the norm.

It’s not illegal we just follow the rules,
Made by our corrupt politicians,
Those on Pay As You Earn we class as the fools,
As you all must obey set conditions.

The worlds royalty we class as our friends,
None of us ever suffer depression,
While your trauma never ends,
We ask what the Hell’s a recession.

We drink champagne have a day at the races,
Squandering the fiddles we make,
Mingling with the queen and such famous faces,
You wouldn’t believe even they're on the take.

From you lot that is if truth be told,
You all know we are robbing you blind,
Yet somehow over you we have a hold,
As despite this you don’t seem to mind.

You come out in force to bow at our feet,
Why when we’re knocking you off,
We strike you dumb if we happen to meet,
It’s is heaven this being a toff.

As you die of starvation our fillets we carve,
We don’t give you a second thought,
As we grow obese we laugh as you starve,
Our lives are glorious while yours is, well fraught.

We pee and we poo we laugh and we cry,
In our case it’s tears of joy,
Like you we live and one day we’ll die,
We’re a myth you need to destroy.

To tell the truth if you cut us we’ll bleed,
Yes it will be the same shade of red,
In the main our lives are obsessed by greed,
The working classes are so easily led.

You need someone to look up to and we fit the bill,
Blue blood in fact doesn’t exist,
Just like the Gods your fantasies we fulfil,
Yet if you all died it’s you who’d be missed.

What makes us superior you’d never believe?
Those riches and the fame we accrue,
Are because it’s your pockets we do relieve,
Yes the reason is all down to you.

Royalty and superstars are your own creation,
We pray you will never awaken,
As long as you remain in your state of sedation,
We will never be forsaken.

We look upon you lot as totally dumb,
You make us rich but you don’t realise,
You are the elite and we are the scum,

‘’ If Only You Would Open Your Eyes ‘’

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The working class of this world are the ones who are responsible for the creation wealth in monetary terms of this sick world, we contribute far more than the so called upper classes.Ask yourself why we are treated like dirt by the '' ELITE '' then look in the mirror for the answer.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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