If The World Were A Movie Poem by Cena Rose

If The World Were A Movie

I saw a movie yesterday
And thought after a time
That if the world were like a movie
It would quite a rhyme

My jubilance already written
Of time not quite yet past
And will- not the force of actions
With death being but my last

For ideas spread, already planned
In this world-wide set
There are no cuts, no mistakes made
And that you must not forget

And killers may rule
For there are no laws
So says the director
Who has no flaws

And so he may say
For he knows the whole plot
And can’t spoilt it for you
That is the price for what he has taught

Perhaps strings with puppets
Dictate our thoughts here
And our will but our role to play
And lessons- what we hold dear

And cameras watch our every move
To an audience- live
Who sits in the theater, crying uselessly-
Rich pitying those who survive

With two roads but one
One should never look back
But on the case that one should
The plot tells us our lack

And fortune never gained,
So nothing is ever attained
And all that has remained
Is but those who have been maimed

All actions leading to actions
All purpose written bold
Unknown to the poor cast
Perhaps in death we may be told

I thought about this world
A movie-world of suspended stay
Behind the lines written
I would never such a play

Miriam Maia Padua 19 January 2009

great...great write.. you have a very good concepts... brilliant idea.... if the worls is a movie....hope it is... where the director could choose what he only wants to happen... thanks for sharing brilliant girl....10+++++

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Emily Oldham 20 September 2008

I often wonder what it would be like if the world were a movie. now you've answered all my questions!

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 13 August 2008

Brilliant! ! ! Keep writing! Could you read my poems too? Thank you.

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Serenity Prayer 13 August 2008

great job! ! i like it.

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