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Smile with me,
Don’t shed a tear,
My pain is enough,
Your agony,

Color of darkness,
Hue of sorrow,
Shade of pain,
Embodied in that bloom,

Gone was his breathing,
Gone were heart beats,
The silent pulses,
Screamed of his decease.

Gleaming pond of maiden tears,
Adorned by wildflowers on its banks,
As butterflies rush on blooms,
She watches them from shining pond,

If my heart would have been page,
It would burn to ashes right now,
If my love would have been cage,
You would have died from too much affection,

The raven locks, trailing on silk,
Long lashes adorning his closed eyes,
His beautiful full lips sigh,
Part in love, part in sleep,

The stark whiteness is all I see,
Perhaps it’s just reflection,
Of conflicting emotions in me,
Every facet with a brilliant glow,


Bruised, battered, broken and scared,
I lie on concrete,

What is love?
Is it the increased heartbeats?
Is it tilting of your world,
Or perhaps an amorous kiss.


Your hair,
Your eyes,
Your lips,
Your smiles,


Cloaked in the mists of emerald,
A drop of rain on your lips,
A gleam in your ageless whiskey eyes,
You arch in me,

I walk along his grave,
the same obsidian headstone
gleaming in sun
his name carved in archaic letters

I am curled in a ball,
Shivering with rage,
And he crouches in front of me,
His eyes saying all

For you I am just a ghost,
Washed ashore the banks of shadow,
And you never look at me,
In the same way you ignored me before.

Castigation it was
A grave offendous sin
To be wanted, to be loved,
To have a soul that felt

She flies from her nest,
In search of a thorn tree,
She can’t rest
Until she has found one finally.


Running hastily in the gardens
How I fell and scraped my knees
Amid those roses and hyacinths
And I used to cry


Her hair long, blonde and red,
Fanning across the velvet white,
Satin sheets draping her body,
Moon creating a halo of light.

Someday so far, far away,
You seem to remember me,
In all the mundane things you see,
It’s a sorrow, eclipsed by past,

A stone cold heartless body,
Decorated by running scars,
The lifeless eyes which stare,
Far ahead, in the anticipation f dark.

Lucifera Santez Biography

well not too much to tell, i love reading and writing. and i am more of a closet poet............. my best friend pushed me to write and she is pretty scary if she puts her mind on something. recently someone told me i need to elaborate more about me. there is nothing special to elaborate that's all. i have two brothers, a younger sister. i started reading novels when i was 11. my first one was Jules Verne. i am 18 and way more mature than i was at 17. i love watching movies, i love rain. i have not been at my place of birth, Belize ever. i would like to go someday. you could say i am black sheep of my family.. my dad's engineer, mama is a teacher(teaches chemistry) brother's a doctor. my granddad was one too. grandma is high school drop out. i guess this much is worth knowing. and at last note... i hate my ex friend Natalie, lying cheating *******. and my best friends are the tyrants who push me towards excellence. my brother appreciates whatever i write, even when most of the time he just gets time enough to spare a glance. :))

The Best Poem Of Lucifera Santez

A Face To Remember

Smile with me,
Don’t shed a tear,
My pain is enough,
Your agony,
I can’t bear.
It is I, who is going away,
Dying isn’t fascinating,
With you by my side,
I can say.
Please, please let me die alone,
So that I can at least
Shriek with pain and moan.
When you sit by my side,
I forget my pain,
I just hang in dark abyss
Of moss green eyes, your eyes.
To look at you is unbearable,
‘Cause it’s I who is deserting you.
I am not doing it by will
It’s my fate’s turn, they say
You go to church to avert it
And in there you cry and
Pray, pray, pray.
The world says
I am leaving you a legacy,
What they don’t see
Is you suffer,
Suffer at the thought that I am dying
I want to tell you,
Don’t fret
I will always need you
Whether I live or die.
I will be watching,
I will be waiting,
Just to see you are all right,
I promise you this,
Either in life or in death….

Lucifera Santez Comments

Arpita Choudhury 27 November 2013

You write beautifully Lucifera! You are inspiring! You have wonderful sensitivity for someone so young. Keep it up! God bless

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Jim Yerman 26 November 2013

Lucifera, I will continue reading your poems. I love them!

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Francesca Kliewer 14 August 2013

love black roses, it reminds me of the guy who broke my heart

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Lyn Paul 07 August 2013

Dear Lucifera. It is great your friend pushed you to write. No matter how scary she may be she was truly right. Your writing is very real. Keep up this great expression of words for you do it so well.

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